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1 7th July 05:19
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Default Another Question for Doug (god sense books clear office)

Here is another question I got at the Truth-Seeker web site, and my response:

I worked at the ECK Office first when it was located in Las Vegas. I started
there about one year after Darwin became the Master. He was one of the most
humble people back then.

I worked on a number of projects with him and got to know him personally.

I talk about this in my Internet book. One of the projects I took on was to
organize Paul's ****nal taped talks, which had been abandoned in a loft there.
It was a mess. I listened to everyone of Paul's talks at least a dozen times,
as I tried to sort out when and where it took place, and to splice them back
together into their original form.

I met Harold there in 1973. He left for a year before coming back to work at
the ECK Office. He and I became close friends. Neither of us were much
interested in the office politics, but loved talking about the spiritual

I just happened to be there at the office when David Lane was first writing his
book, so I could comment firsthand on many things. I also kept a complete set
of the ECK publications from the start of ECKANKAR, which I got when I was
there, so I could get actual quotes and the facts of the early days.

I have been a member since then, however, I currently hold no position in the
organization and wrote my book completely on my own and not trying to represent
anyone else but myself and my own understanding.

Years later, when Harold became the Master, he gave me a chance to go through
Paul's library and files, after they have been retrieved from Darwin's home. I
learned a lot more about Paul there.

Since I joined ECKANKAR, I've had a recurring dream about looking for old
writings of Paul, back before ECKANKAR. I talk about the search this led me on
in the last chapter of my book.

As for the Astral library dream, this is unfortunate that it has become
misunderstood in this way. I cover this in my book as well. I know that some
could say that I am just offering another interpretation, but how do I know my
interpretation is the correct one? The reason I feel confident is because
Harold talked with me about the whole issue of Paul's plagiarism shortly before
he had that dream and gave those talks or started writing about it. He was
quite straightforward and told me that even though it might be hard to swallow
he was discovering a growing list. I know Harold was not happy with what he had
learned and felt that Paul had left him a mess to clean up. This is exactly
what he says at the end of his Astral Library dream as well.

If you read Harold's actual words, you will see that David Lane is wrong.
Harold does not anywhere in his talk say that Paul got his information from the
Astral Library, therefore it was not plagiarism. Harold never says that. What
Harold does say is that the Astral Library is a source of great wisdom that
some of the greatest writers have access to it. It is an inner source of truth
about the path. Also, from the information there, Harold could see the sources
of all of Paul's books, since it was all in the records there.

The point of this is that you can't fool the records in the Astral Library. It
was clear there that Paul had borrowed from other writers. That's the point of
Harold's story. That's why he was talking about Paul as a Compiler at the
beginning of the talk, and that we need to take him down off the pedestal as a
god and see that he was a man. Harold called this the death of an ideal. Harold
talks about the stages that people go through in accepting a death in the
family - rejecting the idea, then anger, then confusion and doubt, then
disillusionment, then acceptance - or something like that. All this was because
plagiarism is not the way we want to see Paul. That was all in the same talk,
concluding with Harold talking about his dream in the Astral Library where he
finally saw Paul.

Here's how Harold ends his talk:

"I'm doing all this research in a soundproof booth so it doesn't disturb the
other people who are doing research. As I look over at a table, I see
Paul--busy as usual, researching and writing. He looks at me and says, kind of
gruffly, "What's that?"

" 'Source manuscripts, ' I say.

" 'For what? ' he asks.

" 'To show where a lot of the ECK writings on earth came from, ' I reply.

" 'Oh, ' he says. 'Well, we'll have to do something about that someday. '

"Then he picks up his notebook and leaves, heading out into the stacks.

"Yeah, I thought to myself, and I know who is going to have to do something
about that someday! "

Here is what David Lane said in his book:

Simply put, Klemp has invented a story to cover-up Twitchell's plagiarism so
that Eckankar can still get away with publishing "stolen" materials.

In fact, the point Harold was making was the exact opposite. Harold was
breaking the news to ECKists that Paul borrowed and copied. That was the very
thing he was studying in his dream.

David Lane challenged me on my interpretation, and we had some long dialogues
about it. The whole of Harold's talk makes sense if you see it as I'm
explaining. It doesn't make sense if Harold is trying to explain that it wasn't
plagiarism after all because Paul got it all from the Astral. Then why would
Harold need to clean up a mess?

But the real problem here is simply that Harold never said what David accused
him of saying. Harold never even suggests it. It was simply a mistaken

David wasn't the only one to make this mistake. I can see why some might draw
the wrong conclusion, but since I had firsthand experience with it, I know that
the last thing Harold was trying to do was cover something up. Quite the

I hope this helps.


Doug Marman.
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