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1 11th June 17:01
michael wallace
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Default Toughing it out (karma life time way don)

Well... Back in Burringbar overnight.

What a pain, tomorrow Bee and I have to go back to that miserable existence
up Sean's way... Living on the Bay in that dreadful to mow private acreage
in that awful, horrible to sweep large house.

Some people, they just don't realize how TOUGH some people have it.

Watching those boats sail by, I see others have to tough it out as well...
Tugging on those ropes just to make that boat move through the water.

It's a hard, tough life... But I suppose someone has got to live it.... This
time around, the karma fell on us.

I will think of those New Jersey folk, living in small cramped accommodation
with all those guns cluttering up the hallways. The lucky lucky bastards ...
A postage stamp of mowing, a quick flick of the broom and all the pizza
cartons are out the door. Why, not even a kitchen worth cooking in to slave
over, so you get to have chinese takeaway more often.

Some people have ALL the luck <G>


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