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1 20th July 16:40
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Default Romans - MP3 Commentary - Study (history faith grace death life)

Romans - MP3 Commentary - Study

Over 30 hours of MP3 audio commentary,
Overview of 134 slides in powerpoint,
130+ pages of commentary in PDF format.

SAMPLE: === Romans Overview ===



*** Remainder / Additional Materials in the Member's Area ***

The Grace of God Revealed: His righteousness, Our iniquity
and His Remedy through grace.
The book of Romans, Paul's definitive teaching on Christian doctrine,
is addressed to the saints - to believers. It is regarded by many as
the most comprehensive and profound book in the New Testament.
This book will delight the greatest logician, hold the attention of
the wisest of men, and bring the most prideful soul to tears of repentance
at the feet of the Savior.

Romans-01: Romans 1:1-1:7 - Introduction. Salutation. Attributes of the Trinity.
Romans-02: Romans 1:8-1:29 - The need for the Gospel. God's righteousness revealed against Pagan humanity.
Romans-03: Romans 2 - The righteousness of God revealed. Condemnation of moral man.
Romans-04: Romans 3 - Advantages of Being a Jew? Case against the entire human race. Why does God save anyone?
Romans-05: Romans 4 - God's greatest gift. Faith of Abraham and David. Salvation by faith not works. The resurrection.
Romans-06: Romans 5 - Peace with God. The process of maturity. The logic of His love. Two heads: Adam and Christ.
Romans-07: Romans 6 - Two masters: Sin personified, and God as revealed in Jesus. The death of defeat. Baptism.
Romans-08: Romans 7 - Two husbands: the Law and Christ risen. Dead to the Law. Spirit is willing, the flesh is weak.
Romans-09: Romans 8:1-17 - Deliverance from the flesh by the power of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit's inner witness.
Romans-10: Romans 8:18-27 - Preservation in suffering by the power of the Holy Spirit.
Romans-11: Romans 8:28-39 - Hymn of praise for victory. Certainty of sanctification. Basis of our security.
Romans-12: Romans 9:1-5 - Advantages of being a Jew? Discussion of the Covenants. The Scepter of Judah.
Romans-13: Romans 9:6-13 - Has the Word of God failed? Doctrine of Election.
Romans-14: Romans 9:14-33 - Moses and Pharaoh. Gentiles called. Stumbling stone.
Romans-15: Romans 10:1-15 - Rabbinical expectations. Salvation by faith taught by Moses. Whosoever...
Romans-16: Romans 10:16-21 - Israel's rejection. Review of post-Biblical history of Israel.
Romans-17: Romans 10 cont. - Continuation of contemporary history of Israel.
Romans-18: Romans 11:1-24 - Israel's future. Salvation unto the Gentiles.
Romans-19: Romans 11:25-36 - Use of Parables. Mysteries. "Until." Rapture Models.
Romans-20: Romans 12 - Gifts. Armor. Body life. Evidences of Spirit-filled person.
Romans-21: Romans 13 - Civil responsibilities: to the State; to those outside the Church.
Romans-22: Romans 14 - Capital punishment. Dietary restrictions? The Sabbath Day dilemma; Sunday or Saturday?
Romans-23: Romans 15 - Importance of Unity. In light of Christ's Ministry. Paul's methodology and plans.
Romans-24: Romans 16 - Importance of relationships. The most painful sin: Gossip. Professional secretaries.

Overview of Romans (Local Drive Based)
Overview of Romans RealPlayer

Overview of Romans (Web Based)
Overview of Romans - Audio (Mp3)
Overview of Romans - (134 Slides in PDF)
Overview of Romans - (134 Slides in Powerpoint)

Listen to a Special Message from Dr. Chuck Missler
Romans Commentary Notes - (134 pages in PDF)
(Over 30 Hours of MediaPlayer MP3 Audio Commentary)


=== A Christian Bible Study Collection ===
Bibleweb.Info -- 250Gb online - 1.5Tb DVD archive
Comprehensive Old & New Testament Bible studies,
prophecy, commentaries, concordances, apologetics,
Bible lookups, and multiple translations. PowerPoint,
movies in RealAudio, MP3, MediaPlayer, Adobe PDF
formats with free readers. A rich set of web site
links, continually being updated.

Some screen shots:

Some archive listings are also accessible there.

What's New at Bibleweb.Info

-- Why Read the Bible?
-- How We Got Our Bible
-- Meditations on the Excellencies of the Word of God (Psalm 119)
-- How to Study the Bible

-- Battle for the Church in the Last Days
-- Introduction to Prophecy
-- Signs of the LORD's Return
-- How to Study Bible Prophecy
-- The Rapture
-- Are You Ready for the Rapture?

Small Group Study Materials
Verse-by-Verse, Chapter-by-Chapter, Book-by-Book
Teaching (Audio - MP3) Commentary
Small Group Bible Study Materials
(From: Calvary Chapel with Sr. Pastor Joe Focht) [Over 750 hours]

Small Group Bible Study Materials - Thru-the-Bible
-- Old Testament & New Testament
(From: Searchlight with Pastor Jon Courson) [Over 1200 hours]

*** Additional Materials in the Member's Area ***
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