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Sodomizing young boys is *very* common in Islam (friend homo***uality sign church mosque) - Mombu the Religion Forum
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1 21st August 20:18
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Default Sodomizing young boys is *very* common in Islam (friend homo***uality sign church mosque)

1) John Gunther in "Inside Africa" describes how the Berbers of
Morocco hate the Arabs, though both groups are Muslim. The reason is
that the Berbers are fiercely hetero***ual, and Gunther tells us that
the Arab Muslims are very much given to the "vice" of sodomy. ( 18 )

I am a Moroccan and I lived there into middle age and traveled almost
all across the country. Berbers (especially those from the south,
souss) are also sodomites. Actually they are more sodomites then the
Arabs. Whenever, you go to a grocery store owned by a Soussi in
Morocco, in 90-99% of them, you'll find a young boy working there as
an apprentice by day and as the "boss" ***ual toy in the evening.
Every Moroccan knows that. The people of Marrakech are well known to
all Moroccans as sodomites. They are 50-50 Arabs and Berbers.

One of the other famous sodomites areas is Essawira, especially the
town called "Labr3at L7enshan" (The Wednesday market of serpents). It
is commonly said that in that area even when men sleep with their
wives, they make them ware a men's hat and sodomize them.

2) The point is clear-- sodomy is a vice common to many Arab Muslims,
and this is well known to anyone familiar with Middle Eastern life. I
have had Arab converts to Christ warn me of this as I told them I had
a zeal to witness to Arabs. They were concerned for my sons. This
picture is still very real in Saudi Arabia where the desert Bedouin
are totally clean of sodomy, while the city-dwelling Arab men of the
Hadhramaut, Riyadh, and the northern cities, Mecca and Jiddah, are
well known for their lust for young boys. ( 19 )

Among the Arabs, the Gulf Arabs are the worst of sodomites. They don't
only sodomize, they get sodomized also... Not only Arab Muslims are
sodomites, but many other Muslims, like in Malaysia and Indonesia are
sodomites too. A Moroccan whom I met before told me the story of an
Algerian friend of his who was accused falsely (after him) of theft
and sent to jail for years because he refused to please the
second-Imam in the toilet of a mosque . The Imam followed him to the
toilet, touched his genital and asked him to sodomize him. When the
guy refused then he accused him of theft and sent him to jail. I have
heard of others whose genitals have been touched by other Muslims in
mosques during the salat...

One of the reasons I became disgusted about Islam and left the mosque
and began to attend Church instead, it was because a Muslim Indonesian
man made a homo***ual action to me while we were in the mosque. I
rebuked him in front of everybody and immediately. Guess what happened
the next day? The Imam brought me the police and accused me of
breaking to his property, the mosque. He brought me to the police
station but when the police didn't find any proves for his accusation,
they asked me to sign a paper and promise not to go to his mosque
again. Since that day I never went to that mosque. When I started
telling the story to other Muslims, they ridiculed and teased me about
it. That was the time when God started to open my eyes and to lead me
to search for the truth.

If in the future any Muslim start to criticize to you some
"Christians" for being homo***uals, let me deal with him and show him
the plank which is in his eyes first. I hate homo***uality and I am
disappointed and mad at those "Christians" who tolerate homo***uality,
however, I won't let Muslims to use that "defect" in the weak church
to be used as a propaganda tool to try to spread Islam.

Your comments about Muhammad's obsession with is libido made me laugh
and laugh. I think the guy has a problem/complexity with it! Maybe it
was too short or it has a leprosy or a certain disease :-).
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2 21st August 20:18
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Default Sodomizing young boys is *very* common in Islam

Now you gone and done it nigga. After our brotha Jasper has gone and
read this he will be booking the next flight out for Morroco. And if he
goes who will be doing all the ****ing in the back room of the ole ***
blade.I guess BloJack will have to take over.
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3 21st August 20:19
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Default Sodomizing young boys is *very* common in Islam (homo***uality year time marriage way)

Groups like the Taliban are the ones stopping homo***ual perversion.
That is one of the reasons the USA is against the Taliban. The USA is
for homo***ual perversion. Here is a typical example of what goes on
in the USA:

NEA, *** Militants: Joined At The Hip
Lee Duigon

If a private citizen tells his neighbor's children that they ought to
*** ***, he might wind up in a correctional facility. If he talks that
to your 13-year-old son, you'll want him put away--pronto.

But when this very same behavior, toward the same children, is
displayed by
adults who belong to America's biggest teachers' union, most parents
let them do it. In fact, they pay them to.

The NEA is committed to the cause of militant homo***uality. It's the
richest, most politically powerful union in America, and it has daily
to most of America's children. And it wants to recruit them for the
homo***ual lifestyle.

Lean this equation, America:

Public schools=The homo***ual agenda

If you don't believe it, visit, the website of the
Education Association's *** and ******* Coalition. There, among their
achievements" in shaping NEA policy, the homo***ual militants cite the
promotion of "the *******-***-bi***ual curriculum" and "family life
education... regarding the diversity of ***ual orientation."

The NEA has also campaigned for the proclamation of
"***-*******-Bi***ual-Trans***ual History Month" (try putting that on
T-shirt), homo***ual studies at Catholic colleges--and, of course,
homo***ual "marriage."

The people of Massachusetts know the teachers' union's commitment to
marriage." Aline Isaacson of GLSEN (***-*******-Straight Education
the media's favorite poster gal for "*** marriage", is
paid consultant to the Massachusetts teachers' union. Paid in taxpayer
dollars, to boot. (You may remember Massachusetts GLSEN from a few
years ago
as the organizers of graphic, intensely perverted *** "workshops" for
school children--a scandal that came to be known as "fist-gate.")

Ms. Isaacson, according to the grass-roots Article 8 Alliance, these
makes it a full-time job lobbying state legislators to keep them from
jumping ship on "*** marriage" and voting for the Bill of Address
would remove the outlaw Supreme Judicial Court judges who imposed this
oxymoron on the people of Massachusetts. Supported by taxpayers'
money, she
makes daily, face-to-face visits to individual lawmakers. Nice work if
can get it.

Too bad you couldn't make it to the gym teachers' state convention in
Jersey, in February. It wasn't about volleyball. For public school gym
teachers, Job One--according to the convention's floor displays,
posters, and workshop topics (all of which I saw personally)--is
getting the
kids comfy with homo***uality. To this end, they handed out a
guide"--handsomely produced, slick, paid for largely by Fleet Bank
Inc.--intended for distribution in all the public schools. (For more
information, see my article, "Now It's the Gym Teachers," in the
archive of the Chalcedon website,

You would have seen even more of the same at "Twenty Years of Great
(Ed)" last year, a national conference of "*** educators" hosted by
New Jersey's taxpayer-funded state university. Again, there was no
effort to
hide the educators' whole-hearted penchant for homo***uality...
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4 21st August 20:19
voiceofreason <>
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Default Sodomizing young boys is *very* common in Islam

Wrong dummy. We tossed them out on their ass after they gave aid and
comfort to Osama Bin Laden and his Al Qaeda boyz, and then refused to
hand them over to face Justice, after he killed 3000 Americans.

Got that?

If ya liked the Taliban, ya should move to Saudi Arabia.
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5 21st August 20:19
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Default Sodomizing young boys is *very* common in Islam

In article <>, VoiceOfReason says...

Maybe you should tell that to George W Bush..

"The key to everything is patience. You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not
by smashing it. "

Arnold H. Glasow
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