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1 27th August 12:16
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Default BBC Investigations of the Soka Gakkai Ikeda Cult (devil heaven temple church clear)

PROF. HIROHISA KITANO (Professor of law at Nihon
University): Nobody knows actually how rich Soka Gakkai is.
Experts estimate Soka Gakkai has more than 1,000 properties
throughout Japan with total assets of more than 10,000 billion
yen (125 billion U.S. dollars).

BBC: An investigation into Soka Gakkai's gravestone business
was triggered by the discovery of the yen equivalent of 1.2 million
(U.S.) dollars in a safe discarded in a scrap yard.

PROF. KITANO: A top member of Soka Gakkai said it
was his own, personal money, and that it had no connection with
Soka Gakkai. The tax office thought it strange, and they
started a full-scale investigation.

BBC: Tax investigators could find no trace of two French
nationals who supposedly sold the two Renoir paintings to
Mitsubishi. It appears to have been a double sale of the paintings
in which 11 million (U.S.) dollars went astray -- simply disappeared.

Japanese newspapers suggest that the money probably finished-up
in a political "slush-fund," and that Soka Gakkai is more
interested in pedaling political influence than it is in French

DAISAKU IKEDA: Our museum bought the Renoir masterpieces
for a very high price, but I knew nothing about it. If there
is a scandal, people always blame me.

No one was really made the scape-goat, although the authorities
raided the premises of art dealers to discover who did sell
the paintings, and to whom. And aIthough they confiscated
do***ents, and although Mitsubishi was ticked- off for dealing in
antiques without a license, and although inquiries went on for
months by official agencies and the press, nothing was resolved.

PROF. KITANO: Without finding what happened to the money,
the Japanese tax office stopped their investigation. We believe that this was the result of strong political pressure by Soka Gakkai.

Professor Kitano was featured on the BBC report on the corruption and deviations of the
Soka Gakkai. He is a prominent and brilliant scholar and has a PHD in Law.
He is a senior Professor of law at Nihon University, Tokyo. He is a non-member.

I have the complete transcipt of this revealing BBC do***entary:

"Dear Carmen, do you really think that sending spies to
the temple violates their rights somehow? Isn't it
the method of the spy to not get caught? To blend in?
If he creates a disruption, then he reveals himself."
Kathy Ruby

"Yes, I do pray every day for the Nichiren Shoshu temples in the United
States to close do to lack of support. I believe they are spreading a
deluded view of Buddhism in response to the devil king of the sixth heaven's
Tom CUltican, SGI-USA

"Changing the subject doesn't work. Ikeda made a deal to not
establish SGI in China, in return the communists made an agreement not
to persecute SGI members. Considering the very limited room to
maneuver it was a diplomatic decision."
Chris Holte

"According to the organization's public-relations director, Yukimasa Fujiwara, it has an average
net annual income of over $8,500,000 -- tax-exempt as with all acknowledged religions"
LOOK Magazine
September 10, 1963

"Because We have the money, and Hokkeko does
not have EVEN A FRACTION of the money we have,
who do you think will win this battle between
the corrupt priesthood and SGI?"
Richard Hower, SGI-USA member

"Soka Gakkai is unmistakably a church militant in Japan geared for a determined march abroad.
It's significance to America and all nations cannot be ignored. Its target is world domination"
LOOK Magazine
September 10, 1963

"Recently, the Japan Times had reported that a 33-year-old an "avid follower of Soka
Gakkai," had shoved his four-year-old son into the path of an oncoming train, then
changed his mind about committing suicide. The child died of a fractured skull."
LOOK Magazine
September 10, 1963

"By the end of the interview, it was clear that Ikeda, whose word is absolute law to 10 million
unquestioning believers, was unflinchingly confident that Soka Gakkai will succeed in the total
conversion of Japan, and then the world."
LOOK Magazine
September 10, 1963

"To Dr. Yoshiro Tamura, associate professor of Toyo University, the "true nature" of
Soka Gakkai is "fanatic and dangerous." He says Soka Gakkai "makes politics
dependent upon religion as long as that religion is Soka Gakkai . . . and will eventually
act against freedom of religion."
LOOK Magazine
September 10, 1963

"William P Woodard of Tokyo's International Institute for the Study of Religions comments:
"Soka Gakkai does not respect the rights of others. It threatens reprisals to all who oppose
it. Followers are obliged to engage in forced conversion, and in doing so, they force
themselves into private homes and refuse to leave when asked. They disrupt public meetings
and threaten nonbelievers. Leaders encourage violence.
"Soka Gakkai has developed in such a sinister manner," Woodard contends, "that
most people in positions of public responsibility are afraid to take objective stands
against it. They are literally afraid; they never know what form reprisal will take. Its
insidious nature makes it a definite threat to a free, democratic society. It creates a
kind of private terrorism"
LOOK Magazine
September 10, 1963
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