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1 7th September 08:28
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Default Nikken is "a shutdown artist" )= (entity enlightenment slander control priest)

Nikken is "a shutdown artist" )

With the news that the Nichiren Shoshu district meetings are soon to
be a thing of the past, it is becoming increasingly apparent that 67th
High Priest Nikken is what they call in the corporate world "a
shutdown artist".

I used to work for a guy in the consulting business (1980's) who they
would call in when an operation went below the threshold of profit
center into cost center territory. He would come in, talk very nicely
to people and find out where all the assets were, and wrap it up. When
they needed a shutdown artist, they called him.

Having recently ****ed the Nichiren Shoshu membership dry with
donations for the new Temple buildings and the big Tozan, and having
looked at the bottom line on growth, Nikken has made his executive

The business is shrinking, by that I mean: the return on investment
(ROI) is insufficient to grow the business in a healthy way.

Nikken is not into charity work. He's a Nichiren School priest of the
modern age: married, huge family, lots of responsibilities (geishas
have to eat, too).

Nikken got a huge slug of money from that Tozan, now he can reinvest
the money in the biz, or roll-up the biz and merge with someone and
take his profit into retirement. The latter is the game plan.

What will happen now, according to the standard protocol of the
shutdown artist is:

1. Contraction Down to the Level of the Branch Offices ...

First, he will roll-up the lay organizations into temples.

This is possible due to castrating the lay leadership in 1992 and
after. Those that remained after the excommunication of the SGI in
1991, were the leaders with no spine and they could be easily herded.

At the point where all of the meetings are in a temple with a priest
present, he will really come after all remaining cash from the

Those that refuse to get rolled up into a temple will be decapitated.

One of the key things in rolling up any business is paying attention
to protecting the intellectual property and real assets. That's why he
will keep a tight hold on any viable temple and attached legacy
customer base and, of course, the Daigohonzon, which is worth a lot to
any prospective future partners (see step 3).

2. The Vampire Treatment ...

They will constantly refrain: "We have to save the Daishonin's
Buddhism, preserve and protect the DaiGohonzon !!!"

Every last dollar will be collected and sent to Taisekiji, draining
the teamples around the world to the point of poverty, by threats of
being cut off, and selling some of the valuable properties outright.

I wouldn't be surprised to see the parish temples (danka-dera) issuing
certificates (tera-uke) to danto families, just like under the
Tokugawas, for lots of money. Except now, you won't be beheaded as a
Christian for not having a tera-uke.

3. We Feel the Urge, the Urge to Merge ...

With the intellectual property, real assets and legacy customers
intact he can proceed to the cashier's desk located at Mt. Minobu.

Without any announcement or even giving any warning, the news will
come out that Taisekiji has re-merged with Nichiren Shu, under the
Minobu Sect temple hierarchy (hon-matsu ji).

By turning over these assets to Minobu sect, he will get a giant-sized
kickback, probably in a Swiss-numbered account. This is where the real
payoff is, but of course Nikken's wife wanting such an extravagant
lifestyle, all of the cahs producing steps above wil be taken.

This merger shouldn't be really surprising, considering it was less
than a century ago that Nichiren Shoshu (1912) broke away from
Nichiren Shu, and that all Nichiren Shoshu priests still are trained
at Rissho University, which is run by Nichiren Shu Minobu Sect.

It's actually very hard to tell these guys apart, which is why at the
time that the Shogun finally merged them all originally, in the 17th
century, he gave them all emblems to identify them, and a special one:
a Craneus, for the Fuji Sect at Taisekiji, because they had given so
much trouble to Nobunaga, Hideyoshi and Tokugawa Ieyasu. (See:

So, they already have their emblem in place, and a merger back to the
1912 configuration, it would appear, should go smoothly.

In a way, you could have seen this coming in 1914, when Nikken's
father (not really sure he is the father) 60th High Priest Nichikai
Abe (before he was HP) tagged along with 57th High Priest Nissho to
the Ikegami Honmon-ji, a temple of the Minobu Sect, where they met
with all the High Priests of all the Nichiren Shu sects and agreed to
declare Nichiren a "Great Teacher" in a do***ent made official by the
military government (as opposed to calling him the Daishonin).

They even posed for a picture to prove it. They were discussing
reuniting the Nichiren Sects at that time, but it didn't come off
(because the Soka Gakkai had not come along yet).

Nichiren Shoshu was only two years old, and they were discussing
re-merging, talk about feet of clay !!!

Now that the Soka Gakkai is well on its way, it's time for that old
horse (danka-dera NST) to head for the barn (hon-matsu ji), with all
the other old horses (danka-dera Nichiren sects).

4. Pull the Rip Cord on that Golden Parachute ...

Now, with Nikken's golden parachute fully packed, he can deploy it,
buy that ranch in Hawaii and retire with his wealth.

He does need to avoid trouble between now and then, to sidestep any
lawsuits that would block his quiet moves towards the exit door.
(Sssshhh !!!, don't tell anybody....)

Nikken is really a first rate shutdown artist, he could go easily to
work for one of the Beltway Bandit consulting firms around D.C., and
do very well rolling up and closing down cost centers.
But, of course thanks to the donations by the dedicated NST members,
like those on ARBN, he won't have to bother with working.


From: atheramari@aol.comnospam (atheramari)
Subject: Nikken was a shutdown artist.

The business is shrinking, by that I mean: the return on investment
(ROI) is insufficient to grow the business in a healthy way


The business was not shrinking before Nikken excommunicated SGI

It was a personal decision to separate NST from the SGI, which is not
Nichiren Daishonin would do and SGI did not excommunicate the
Nichiren Shoshu did. They did it to themselves, because the
Shoshenkai was
continuing the arguement between NST and SGI in the previous dispute.

If Nikken truley wanted all the SGI members to grow he would have set
what was
wrong straight if that WERE his intention as you say. I can see by the
posts he didn't set anything straight in SGI before when he supposedly
had an
opportunity to, if that was really the problem. So thats bs.

Sorry, I dont buy it. Nikken had the opportunity to "fix problems" and
did not,
before. So somethings fishy!
This is slander to excommunicate SGI and its members twice when this
is true.


From: "Terry Berger" <>
Subject: Re: Nikken was a shutdown artist.

Well said.


From: (Brian)
Subject: Re: Nikken was a shutdown artist.
"Terry Berger" <> wrote in message news:<9sxya.8519$>...


Denise hardly understands what she has just written, let alone
anything about Nichiren Shoshu. Either you're new to arbn or your
searching for any kind of support whatsoever. Brian __________________________________________
From: Kurt <>
Subject: Re: Nikken was a shutdown artist.
In article <>, (Brian) wrote:

Unfortunately, I think Terry is much more connected to the SGI
leadership than you think.

From: (Nichiren Shoshu is the Greatest Slander of
the Law in the Past, Present and Future)
Subject: Re: Nikken was a shutdown artist. (Brian) wrote in message news:< com>...

Brian, you are not talking about the Lotus Sutra. In the Life Span
Chapter, it is clearly declared that Denise, as is every other human,
is none other than the Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo Thus Come One.

She knows exactly what she is doing in her role, the same way that you
do in your role.

So, stop with the denigration, and telling people when they can speak,
and who is ignorant of what context.

Everyone is authorized to speak on this forum and any other that you
participate in, no matter what your opinion of them is.

Snooty Zen guys do not regulate anything, anywhere, anytime, unless we
let them.

And I, for one, will not be stopped, irregardless of not receiving
your permission, or satisfying your Lordship.

I hereby extend to all living beings, in the past, present and future,
the absolute right to speak freely, no matter how much, and in
whichever way Brian Rahilly disapproves of what they say or how they
say it !!!

Got it? Is it clear enough?

The Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo Thus Come One Humanity is above the level of
your critical control.


From "The Entity of the Mystic Law", Writings of Nichiren Daishonin,
p. 418:

The Great Teacher T'ien-t'ai in his Great Concentration and Insight
states, "Ignorance or illusions are in themselves enlightenment to the
essential nature of phenomena. But due to the influence of delusions,
enlightenment changes into ignorance." The Great Teacher Miao-lo
comments on this as follows: "Enlightenment has no separate entity but
completely depends upon ignorance; and ignorance has no separate
entity but completely depends upon enlightenment."
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