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1 25th May 10:43
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Default The true aspect of all phenomena (aspect entity enlightenment delusion hell)

"Therefore, the two Buddhas, Shakyamuni and Many Treasures, are Buddhas who
are functions [of Myoho-renge-kyo]. It is Myoho-renge-kyo that is the true
Buddha. This is what is described in the sutra as "the Thus Come One's
secret and his transcendental powers."The "Thus Come One's secret" refers to
the entity of the Buddha's three bodies, and it refers to the true Buddha.
"His transcendental powers" refers to the functions of the three bodies, and
it refers to provisional Buddhas. A common mortal is an entity of the three
bodies, and a true Buddha. A Buddha is a function of the three bodies, and a
provisional Buddha. In that case, though it is thought that Shakyamuni
Buddha possesses the three virtues of sovereign, teacher, and parent for the
sake of all of us living beings, that is not so. On the contrary,it is
common mortals who endow him with the three virtues.

The "Thus Come One" is explained clearly in T'ien-t'ai's commentary as
follows: "The Thus Come One is a general designation for the Buddhas of the
ten directions and the three existences, for the two Buddhas, the three
Buddhas,the true Buddha, and provisional Buddhas."The "true Buddha"here
means common mortals, whereas"provisional Buddhas" means Buddhas. However,
because of the difference between ordinary people and Buddhas that stems
from the disparity between delusion and enlightenment, ordinary people are
unaware that they are endowed with both the entity and the functions of the
three bodies.

"All phenomena" in the sutra refers to the Ten Worlds, and the "true
aspect," to what they actually are. The"true aspect" is another name for
Myoho-renge-kyo; hence all phenomena are Myoho-renge-kyo. Hell's displaying
the form of hell is its true aspect. When hell changes into the realm of
hungry spirits, that is no longer the true form of hell. A Buddha displays
the form of a Buddha, and a common mortal, that of a common mortal. The
entities of all phenomena are entities of Myoho-renge-kyo. That is the
meaning of "the true aspect of all phenomena." T'ien-t'ai states that the
profound principle of the true aspect is the originally inherent
Myoho-renge-kyo. This interpretation identifies the phrase "true aspect"
with the theoretical teaching and "the originally inherent Myoho-renge-kyo"
with the essential teaching. You should ponder this interpretation deep in
your heart." , (WND, p.384)

It appears to me this Gosho, The True Aspect of all Phenomena explains the
inherent world of Buddhahood and the concept of who is and is not a Buddha.

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2 25th May 10:43
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Default The true aspect of all phenomena (aspect)

And this web site, explains the cultish nature of your
SGI Ikeda cult and the concept of how it is not Buddhism in general or
Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism in particular.

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3 25th May 10:44
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Default The true aspect of all phenomena (aspect metaphysical case bit time)

One of the big problems with Nichiren Shoshu and SGI is their sloppy attitude
towards modern scholarship. This insures the continued use of Gosho that are
well known to be forgeries but that say things NST likes to promote.

There is a set of Gosho falsely attributed to Nichiren that preach the
"inherency" of Buddhahood ("Hongaku Shi So"). NOT A SINGLE ONE OF THEM has ever
been authenticated. Whenever you read a Gosho that says such a thing, 100% of
the time the have no original, are not listed in any of the early indexes,
often have textual errors such as referring to events or people not yet
existent during Nichiren's lifetime or occasionally they are lifted almost word
for word from Tendai Shu Hongaku tracts and then "Nichirenized" with referneces
to the Daimoku.

This particular Gosho is one of those highly dubious texts. It is thought to

authentic fragment is sometimes the case with forgery to help give a fake text
a bit of an authentic feel.
The main purport of this "Gosho" with all the Hongaku imagery is the writing
of another author and then finally another person wrote the concluding lines.

Nichiren Shoshu and SGI members often have no idea that there are authenticity
issues with the Gosho they so rely on to rationalize Nichiren Sho Shu dogma.
However, the argument against them is pretty simple and they ought to consider

1. None of the Hongaku oriented texts have been authenticated (no original, not
in any early index, contains textual goofs, etc.)

2. They contain a World View and metaphysical paradigm different from what is
found in Nichiren's fully authenticated Goshos.

3. Both doctrines cannot be right as they are at great odds with each other.

4. Shouldn't a reasonable person side with the idea's found in the fully
authenticated Gosho against dubious Gosho when the two choices are at odds with
each other?

Finally, Nichiren Shoshu and SGI members need only look at the list Nikko
himself left of what he thought were Nichiren's ten core and most imprint
Gosho. None of the Hongaku Gosho are on that list. The reason, of course is
that they did not yet exist during Nikko's time. If they had and since they
represent a fundamental shift in the type of Buddhism Nichiren taught, he could
not have left them off if they really had been around.
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4 25th May 10:44
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Default The true aspect of all phenomena (aspect order priest life cult)

The true aspect is the true aspect, period. your opinion is that, your
opinion. However, I do not have to accept your rationale. I do not believe
Nichiren intended to differentiate about who could attain Buddhahood and who
could not. All that is needed is Faith and Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo. Nichiren
did not inscribe Gohonzon for all of his followers just some of them. The
rest ha to suffice with the daimoku of the Lotus Sutra. Period.

I know it makes you feel better to call the SGI a cult. That is your
choice. you have to make the SGI look poorly, in order to make yourself
feel better. Perhaps following blindly behind the robes of the priest has
effect your view of the Gosho. The Gosho speak for themselves and there is
nothing in the Gosho that indicates that we should give ourselves over to
the Priests. however, that does not mean you can not stay with the NST and
enjoy yourself. However, it would seem to me if you are happy about your
practice, it would reflect itself in your life.

From all of your posting, I can see Anger, and Hatred for people you have
never met. You work at making people feel poorly. Calling names to anyone
that will pay attention. Is that a good reflection of a good practice. I
can not judge others, but it appears to me, on the boards you respond to you
use excessive poor language, lack respect for others, and many more traits.
I want you to continue in this vain as it makes my job of refuting the NST
much easier than I could ever have imagined.


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5 28th May 04:33
External User
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Default The true aspect of all phenomena (aspect priesthood life cult earth)

To which rationale are you referring?

Oh, yes he did. If you were to ever read the Gosho, you would know that.

Um, not that isn't true. What about the THREE (not two) practises? What
about the Three Great Secret Laws? What about the fact that the Daishonin
said the priesthood was not only necessary but essential? What about the
Heritage of the Law? What about the General and Specific Transmission?

This is true but, of course, you are neglecting to mention the fact that the
Daishonin was alive back then and as you should know, a valid Gohonzon is
the very life of the Daishonin.

Um, "makes me feel better"? Not really. I just call a spade a spade and SGI *is* a cult.

SGI does a very good job of making themselves look poorly without my help. I
just point it out; you know, like the child did in the old story The Emperor with no Clothes.

Ah, but you are wrong about that. Nichiren Daishonin himself was a priest.
Are you saying that he isn't necessary? The Daishonin also states quite
clearly in The Four Debts of Gratitude:

"As for the debt owed to the Priesthood, both the treasure of the Buddha and
the treasure of the Law are invariably perpetuated by priests. To
illustrate, without firewood, there can be no fire, and if there is no
earth, trees and plants cannot grow. Likewise, even though Buddhism existed,
without the priests who studied it and passed it on, it would never have
been transmitted throughout the two thousand years of the Former and Middle
Days into the Latter Day of the Law. Therefore the Daijuku Sutra states,
"Suppose that, in the fifth five-hundred year period, there should be
someone who harasses unlearned monks without precepts by accusing them of
some offense. You should know that this person is extinguishing the great
torch of Buddhism." Difficult to recompense indeed is the debt we owe to the Priesthood!"

Have you ever considered what lens you are looking through when you read my posts, Patsy?

I am not angry at your, nor do I feel any hatred for you. Where did you get that from?

Ahem, can you possibly address the issues rather than presenting your
uninformed opinons regarding my character? Cody
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6 28th May 04:33
External User
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Default The true aspect of all phenomena (aspect possession enlightenment clear mutual)

Alias or Mike?,
The rationale that you propose that the mutual possession of the Ten Worlds
is something other than what Nichiren taught. Nichiren taught no
intermediaries or obstacles to enlightenment, just Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo and
Deep Faith. Practice and study are supported by Faith and help to deepen
each other. I have read the Gosho on the True Aspect of All Phenomena, and
Nichiren is pretty specific about who can and who can not attain
enlightenment through chanting Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo. As long as you are not
slandering the Wonderful Law of the Lotus Sutra, your enlightenment is

your opinion about the Mutual possession of the Ten Worlds, and that does
not fly in Nichiren's Buddhism; your opining on how to practice; only
Nichiren's words are true in these affairs.

A valid gohonzon is the Treasure Tower. Nichiren was pretty specific about
this issue. He indicated, "Abustu-bo is the Treasure Tower and the Treasure
Tower is Abustu-bo" I think Nichiren was pretty clear about this. I
believe Nichiren as well indicated to seek the Gohonzon from within your own
life. That is a Gosho as well. you can read that one and gain the
understanding, of what Observing the mind means.. Single-mindedly means,
"observing the Buddha", "concentrating one's mind on seeing the Buddha" and,
a"When looking at one's mind, perceiving that it is the Buddha", (WND,

As I said your rationale is full of problems as Nichiren is in conflict with
all you say. Perhaps you might read the Gosho's 'The True aspect of all
phenomena' and "The Opening of the Eyes" for starters. They are quite
informative about the mutual possession of the Eternal Ten Worlds. An
essential understanding of correctly practicing Nichiren Daishonin's
Buddhism. Patrick Pat
"Alias" <> wrote in message news:bmu2ok$r78hl$

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7 28th May 04:33
External User
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Default The true aspect of all phenomena (aspect)

Pat or Patsy?


Snip of bullshit patronizing, condescending and demeaning guilt trip naivity
that doesn't address what I posted at all.

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8 28th May 04:33
External User
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Default The true aspect of all phenomena (aspect)

See what I mean? (Bad broken Journey record that nobody wants to hear
anyway) Best to just throw it away.

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9 28th May 04:33
External User
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Default The true aspect of all phenomena (aspect)

I see what you mean and I hope all the people who are considering joining
the SGI Ikeda Cult also see it ...

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10 28th May 04:33
External User
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Default The true aspect of all phenomena (aspect faith magic process)

The true aspect is the true aspect, period. your opinion is that, your
opinion. <<

I have not shared with you my personal "Opinions" of Buddhism. What I have
shared is the fact that the Gosho's that teach Hongaku ("Inherency dogma) have
never been authenticated as genuine. This should be worrisome to anyone who
wants to tie that idea to Nichiren not only because those Gosho are so
suspicious but because the idea itself is contradictory to what we find in
fully authenticated Gosho ... but feel free to believe in your heart whatever
you wish to. My only concern is what is being called "Nichiren Buddhism."

Then yo have miss understood what I have said. In fact, only Nichiren Shoshu
differentiates between it's Priests which form an elite spiritual caste (not to
even mention their so called "High Priest") and normal Nichiren Buddhism which
sea's all beings as having the capacity to become enlightened. You have merely
misunderstood the process and the belief system Nichiren himself advocated.

"Faith" is a tricky term. In SGI and NST "faith" really means "Confidence" that
the magic words bring good luck. In actual Nichiren Buddhism "faith means
something altogether different.

I didn't do that. Read again more slowly

You have mistaken me for someone else.

have a nice day
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