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1 14th April 10:34
tim chmielewski
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Default Austrian Evel Knievel (clear area year)

Daredevil stunt goes awry
By Jeff Fleischer
October 27, 2003 - 3:32PM

A Sydney daredevil is recovering today after a failed stunt, in which he
set himself on fire and drove a mountain bike off a public toilet block
at Coral Sea Park in Maroubra.

The 39-year-old man is in stable condition, a Prince of Wales Hospital
spokesperson said. He has minor burns from the incident, and will
undergo surgery today for a fractured wrist sustained during the stunt.

Officers from Maroubra Police Station witnessed the stunt while on
patrol about 7.40 pm on Sunday. They said the man took his mountain bike
to the roof of the toilet block, doused himself with petrol from a jerry
can, set himself alight and rode across the roof. He then rode off a
makeshift wooden plank, intending to land on a pile of mattresses and
bags of soft clothing he'd set up about five to six metres from the
toilet block.

"But he didn't make the distance, and he fell hard on the ground," a
police spokesperson said.

The man unsuccessfully tried dousing the flames with a blanket. The fire
was eventually extinguished by the policement using a nearby garbage bin
full of water, which was apparently set up for just such a purpose. An
ambulance was called, and the man was taken to Prince of Wales Hospital
for treatment.

"If the officers hadn't arrived then, his burns would have been far
worse," a police spokesperson said.

The man told police he considers himself a stunt man, and this was a
stunt he hoped to add to his repertoire. Officers interviewed a group of
witnesses, including 10-12 children at the scene who watched the
attempt. A police spokesperson said it wasn't clear if the children were
invited to watch the stunt or just happened upon it.

The toilet block sits near one end of the park, across the street and
downhill from nearby residences. While a children's playground occupies
part of the other end, there is a wide empty area around where the stunt
took place.

Today, a few small pieces of foam, apparently from the mattresses,
appear to be the only remnants of the incident.

No charges have been filed, but Maroubra police are still investigating.

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2 14th April 10:35
bryce utting
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Default Austrian Evel Knievel (don)

and NOT A WORD by the cops about the state of the toilet block (or the
INNOCENT [and deadly] INHABITANTS which fill up every square mm of
Austria) 'cos otherwise the lame signoff:

would've been the tradition "Maroubra police have nothing to go on."

(my flatmate sez "and this matters why?" um. maybe we've found the
exception to the rule that everyone's a Kibologist but they just don't
know it?)


ps. won't anyone think of the SPIIIDERS????
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3 14th April 14:08
talysman the ur-beatle
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Default Austrian Evel Knievel (font)

my newsreader's font size is still pretty small for someone with eyes as
feeble as mine, so I thought this thread topic was "autism's evel knievel'.
which, I must say, sounds like a great idea for a new daredevil's act,
assuming he's legitimately autistic.

I'm not sure what it would involve, though. would he rock back and forth on
his motorcycle and screech whenever you said the word "touch"?
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