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1 22nd April 08:52
mike gleason
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Default BOOK REVIEW - Witchcircle (Novel for 12 and up) (faith reality able control sword)

Witchcircle by Debbie Federici & Susan Vaught 2006 Llewellyn Worldwide
ISBN 0-7387-0935-2 249 pages Paperback $8.95 U.S.) $10.95 (Canada)
Ages 12 and Up

The conclusion of the L.O.S.T. series has arrived. In a way it is a

couple of volumes easily. On the other hand, it is nice to see authors with
a preconceived concept that they are willing to stick to. There are far too
many series which have continued beyond their natural endpoints merely for
the sake of being able to go on (or is it because it is relatively easy
money once you have established characters?).

This volume continues the pattern of being told from alternating
points-of-view (Bren [Brenden] and Jazz [Jasmina] King and Queen of the
Wi6tches respectively). They each contribute uniquely to the story-telling.
Jazz has lived her entire life in a magical world and gives very little
thought to the routine use of magic. Bren is half-human and half-oldeFolke
and, although a more than competent fighter (whether with sword or bare
hands) must work at using and perfecting his magical abilities.

Of course, the two youngsters are madly in love (at least as this volume
begins), but there are certain.problems (Yeah, that's the word).to be dealt
with while they mature and grow into their love. There is the problem of
insulating the magical world(s) from the more mundane one - that is handled
through the creation of Sanctuaries at certain points in the past. Then
there is the problem of interactions between oldeFolkes and modern Witches -
that is handled (?!) through diplomacy. Then there is the problem caused by
the Shadowmaster and Erlking attempting to wrest control of the magical
world from Bren and Jazz - that is handled with panic, uncertainty, and a
certain level of semi-confidence.

Oh, yeah, did I forget to mention that Jazz's mother (the former Queen of
the Witches) is falling in love with Bren's father (the human half of his
heritage) whose former wife (Bren's mother) is actually the Shadowmaster?
Well, small things like that do tend to slip my memory from time to time.
No harm done, right? Then of course there is the fact that the Erlking has
kidnapped Bren's brother Todd for reasons known only to him. I think that
takes care of MOST of the major problems Jazz and Bren have to face before
they have time to deal with their relationship issues.

This is a classic story in many ways. There is discord and unity, faith and
betrayal, and everything else that goes into a good adventure series. As
with any series which reflects reality (no matter how distorted), all is not
sweetness and light. There is death as well as life and sorrow as well as

This is the final book in a series which has been thoroughly enjoyable and
appealing to the target audience of readers from the age of 12 and up.
There is a twist to the ending, One I certainly didn't see coming. I
enjoyed this book, and the series, and have no hesitation recommending it.
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