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1 13th April 15:08
dracaena marginata
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Default Daryl's Message To Ted McMillan (clear don)

Hi Ted, that Nicholas person is very irritating, he is such a
liar, he is here to cause problems and to try to take away
any peace that we have remaining in our lives. I never
asked anything from you before, but I would like to ask
you as a fellow Adventist to not respond to anything
Nicholas has to say for seven days, for seven days don't
even think about the garbage that he spews forth, there
are other people who will rebuke him, have a rest,
perhaps don't even read what Nicholas says. Don't let
him bother you, focus instead on other things and other
people. Nicholas is really Satan's garbage man, this is
becoming clear to others, let others deal with Nicholas.
Give yourself a rest Ted, please don't address anything
Nicholas has to say, at least for seven days. May Jesus
strengthen us all and help us deal with garbage men like
Nicholas. -Daryl S. Kabatoff
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2 13th April 18:31
alan m
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Default Daryl's Message To Ted McMillan

Der and Ted. The dream team.

This is a good start Der but it's not enough. Neither you nor Ted should
post at all for 49 days ( 7 squared because there's 2 of you).
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