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1 29th March 20:18
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Default Democrat Subcultures (welfare faith reality homo***uality religion)

1) The Determined Liberals.
These are 30 percent of democrats. Sixty-three percent are women. Eighty-
six percent voted for the Clintons. Four percent voted for Dole. Four
percent voted for Perot. The remainder voted for splinter party

This subculture believes entitlement to everything is a personal right.
Government is to guarantee jobs, medical care, economic equality.
Concurrently, most of these people believe government is inefficient and
intrudes into people's lives. That means they want unconditional
government support and funding without accountability. Accountability is
relabeled intrusion. Basically, they want a blank check given to them
with no questions asked and no demands for responsibility. They want a
government that is a wealthy permissive parent surrogate.

They support same-*** marriage, unrestricted abortions, out-of-wedlock
childbearing, unlimited welfare or social service benefits. They believe
in confiscation of other people's earnings and redistributing it so they
can coast through life with their primary concerns being their *** lives
and personal problems.

2) Helping Hand Democrats.
They are 22 percent of Democrats. Sixty-seven percent are women; 84
percent voted for the Clintons. Six percent voted for Dole. Seven
percent voted for Perot.

These are people who have bought into liberal sociology and selectively
combined it with the most socialistic aspects of religion. They are
essentially religious socialists. They inhabit a form of soft religion
that emphasizes f****veness, but is deficient on demanding
responsibility from both themselves and others. They are Jimmy Carters.

My personal observation over the years is that there is a class of
Christians who live in a bland separation from emotional reality. They
have attained a type of pathological dissociated state through religion
and are willing to browbeat anyone who doesn't share it. A type of
unrealistic all-f****ving all-understanding emotional euphoric stupor
is, in their eyes, attainment of sainthood. They are dangerous to
themselves and dangerous to others in their emotional unreality and in
their judgments made within that unreality. The type of government and
social environment they advocate requires someone as emotionally
neutered, repressed, or sublimated as they are to live in it. Many in
this political subculture are of that condition.

The idea of sainthood is to be in such a state such as to look up at The
Lord in oblivious f****veness when people stick pins in you. The problem
is, when you have attained that mental condition, the world has a
serious number of sadists who will stick pins in you, and more, for
amu*****t if they can get away with it. Those of us who are less
emotionally detached from reality regard this sadism as a danger signal
impelling us to make war rather than prayers.

This subculture is a difficult group of people to explain. They have
classical religious moral values. Fifty percent strongly disapprove of
abortion. Eighty percent strongly reject homo***uality. Eight in 10
strongly agree that America should return to traditional family values.
But socialism is more important to them than traditional morality, which
is why they are Democrats. Most believe welfare benefits should continue
indefinitely. They believe America should become some sort of
compulsively imposed religious economic commune, and that that would end
all problems.

Their religious values terminate at, or emphasize, selected
socialistically oriented words of Jesus at the expense of weighting
necessity for responsibility and self-discipline.

3) Discouraged White Democrats.
These are 19 percent of Democrats. Fifty-seven percent are women. Sixty-
nine percent voted for the Clintons. Thir**** percent voted for Dole.
Twelve percent voted for Perot.

These tend to be poor white American southerners who decline government
money and government programs as a matter of moral conviction. They vote
Democratic from the Southern tradition of supporting the Democratic
Party and because nobody but Reagan has ever appealed to them. They are
probably many of the Democrats who voted for Reagan because he could
talk to them.

They tend to be of more serious religious moral conviction and have the
same attitudes toward homo***uality and abortion as the Helping Hand

4) New Generation Democrats.
These are 15 percent of Democrats. Forty-three percent are women. Ninety-
two percent voted for the Clintons. One percent voted for Dole. Two
percent voted for Perot.

These are economically well off, eternal party kids—although many of
them are in their 30s, 40s, and even 50s who are still trying to pretend
they are kids and avoiding adulthood. They live exclusively for
instantaneous personal amu*****t regardless of costs to themselves or
others. One third of them are in their 20s. The remainder are older, but
think and act as if they were fif****. Most of them are single. They
like *** of all varieties, drugs, abortions, and anything else either
immediately amusing or servicing the consequences of that amu*****t.
They care about nothing but the night's party. They reject all forms of
morality and religion. They want a bigger government with more
guaranteed services to relieve them from responsibility or having to
absorb any consequences for their actions or for employing any thought
in their lives.

They are essentially free-spirited freeloaders. They are emotional
freeloaders in their unreasonable demands upon other people. They are
economic freeloaders in their demands upon others to enable their life
styles. Many of them have fallen into good positions in an economic
condition where the living is easy.

They are apparently differentiated from other people on the economic and
lifestyle political left by absence of ideology. You won't hear
elaborate Marxist or para-Marxist philosophy. They just want what they
want at the moment and believe life should be a continuation of that
pattern forever with government help and assurances. The merry-go-round
should go on forever with no responsibility and others paying the bills,
although they are not serious enough in thought to even consider that
others need to sacrifice to pay the costs.

5) The Libertarian Democrats.
These are nine percent of the Democratic Party. Forty-nine percent are
women. Eighty-five percent voted for the Clintons. One percent voted for
Dole. Ten percent voted for Perot.

These people are practitioners of eternal angry selfish empty rebellion.
There is a difference between a degree of enlightened selfishness in
which a person demands respect for themselves as opposed to a
selfishness that believes the entire world revolves around themselves at
the expense of others and the future. These are proponents of the latter.

Their interpersonal relationships tend to be horrible or nonexistent.
They are angry fortresses inhabited by empty emotional refrigerators.
They can't tolerate each other any more than their group can tolerate
other groups. More than 40 percent of the entire group are divorced.
That's 40 percent of the entire group including a large proportion of
people in the entirety who have not, and do not, engage in close
interpersonal relationships, including marriage, of any kind. They want
to be a subject of some kind of sterile awe and worship in their
personal lives. They are would-be stern demanding Germanic gods
expecting to be worshipped.

They hate government but are Democrats because they believe the
Democratic party is atheistic and they hate religion more than they hate
government. They tend to be people who have destroyed their personal
lives and in too many cases religion reminds them of it. They are also
vehemently polarized from the authoritarian simplistic faith-based
reasoning found at many churches. They are of the belief that acceptance
of any type of moral code would make them similar to the rote bible-
thumping faith-based systems that they hate. They have exchanged rote
blind bible-thumping for rote blind atheism-thumping.
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