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1 13th April 07:32
david bowie
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Default Dialogue (Re: Gordon Jump (temple testimony)

[Moderator's Note: Topic drift alert; please make sure replies are on
the topic of Mormonism and not just on human memory
phenomena : )]

From: "Ann Porter" <>

: > Btw, I'm not trying to be obnoxious or anything, but I attended the
: > temple very regularly in the mid 80's and I'm really not making this
: > up. ;=)

: My DH also attended the temple frequently in the 80's, and states just as
: emphatically that Mike Farrell was *not* in any of the temple films.

One of the fascinating things about human memory is that it's *extremely*
unreliable. This has been confirmed over and over by researchers looking at
issues as diverse as eyewitness testimony and urban legends.

In fact, humans seem to believe ULs to the point of claiming to be
eyewitnesses of the UL (or direct evidence thereof).[1] As a result, i
wouldn't say that Kathryn is trying to make things up about the temple
films, but rather that we all need to be really careful about our abilities
to recall events completely.

[1] Most fascinatingly UFOs in Roswell NM, which were never mentioned in the
press until the 1970s, but which have gobs of people convinced they read
mentions of them in the press in the 1950s.

David, who remembers seeing Steve Martin in the temple films
David Bowie
Jeanne's Two Laws of Chocolate: If there is no chocolate in the
house, there is too little; some must be purchased. If there is
chocolate in the house, there is too much; it must be consumed.
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2 13th April 07:32
kathryn simpson
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Default Dialogue (Re: Gordon Jump (ward friend temple bishop year)

Good urban legends are handed down.... I heard it from my friend, who heard
it from her Bishop, who got it straight from Pres. Hinckley himself during a
secret interview so he could be the first bishop in Iraq next year. ;=)

This however, is not urban legend material because I am stating
(emphatically <g>) that it is what I saw personally. And, btw, I don't
recall anyone forwarning me about either Gordon Jump or Mike Farrell being
in the temple films, so I wasn't influenced by urban legends either. :=p

Wasn't there a stake center in Roswell, NM that suddenly disappeared one
night after a brief series of lights broadcasted the awakening signal for
all the sleeper LDS? It happened during a High Council Sunday Sacrament
Meeting, so everyone was asleep and they all got taken away? I heard if
from my home teacher who went to school in Thatcher, Az, and his bishop's
sister was in the ward, but she and her family were home sick with the flu
that particular Sunday. Since she was the only active sister in her ward
that wasn't at the meeting that day, she was the only person they could call
as the new R.S. President and she had to be her own two counselors too (but
that was ok, since there weren't a lot of members left in the ward to serve
anyway. <that is what urban legends are made for <g>>


Regards of the NW,

"The right to be heard does not automatically include the right to be taken
seriously". Hubert Humphrey
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3 15th April 02:08
left field
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Default Dialogue (Re: Gordon Jump (general conference)

Also, the fact that gazillions of people who actually saw "Field of Dreams"
think that The Voice said "If you build it, they will come". That's how
everyone quotes it, so that's how everyone remembers it.

OK, if you insist:
Thomas S. Monson was one of the many people who misquoted The Voice, in the
April 1997 general conference. The Ensign tried to cover for him with
square brackets: "If you build it, [they] will come". Nevertheless, Brother
Monson's description of the premise of the film was incorrect and based on
the misquote.
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4 15th April 02:08
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Default Mike Farrell (beliefs church priesthood time sunday)

Mike Farrell was in a couple of very early church movies. Reportedly, the
church hired actors mostly from california and new york actors groups. He
was very recognizable at the time I saw these movies in the early 80s
because of his mash fame. It is his name in the credits. These were sunday
school/ priesthood movies that touched on basic beliefs and how to be a
better dad, etc.
These movies are in black and white so they are probably early sixties. This
was a coincidence that Mr. Farrell did these movies. Hey, some people go on
to be famous....

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5 15th April 02:09
jerry james
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Default Dialogue

No, no, that was Martin Sheen.
Jerry James
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