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1 8th November 07:17
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Default Instant Review: Dulles Airport (books area time services way)

Dulles Airport is in Virginia, outside of Washington, D.C. The main
terminal is under reconstruction, and there are very few shops or food
places for people who arrived way too early to pick up their mom and,
because of the pretend security, can't get to the midfield terminal,
where there are lots of food places and shops. In the main terminal,
there are two small so-called newsstands, which sell magazines, a few
books, candy and snacks, and souvenirs. Along with a meager supply of
the usual "Washington, D.C." sweatshirts, hats, mugs, etc., there were
very many such items with big "FBI" and "CIA" labels, and one of the
gift shops had some sweatshirts printed to indicate that the wearer is
a crew member of Air Force One, the Presidential aircraft. I had
never seen such items in D.C. area airports before. Is this War on
Terrorism kitsch? I'm afraid I cannot endorse these products and/or

Also, between the time I was in the first gift shop and the time I
returned there, after walking all the way to the other end of the
terminal and back, the weasel ball in the gift shop had quit working
and lay there with one eye staring up, like roadkill attached to a
plastic ball, which I guess is what those things are, more or less.

Also, although the plane landed on schedule, it then sat out on the
concrete for 20 minutes before there was a gate available at the
terminal for it, so it was almost half an hour before the passengers
could get to the main terminal and baggage claim. That shouldn't
count as on time.

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2 8th November 07:18
mark hill
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Default Instant Review: Dulles Airport (air time)

Soon flights will be considered on time if they are actually in the air
at the scheduled arrival time, but pretty close to the destination airport.
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3 13th November 16:31
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Default Instant Review: Dulles Airport

It's a ruse by homeland security to deflect Terrorists away from real
(Plainclothes) FBI and CIA personnel toward Joe Public.

See:- Bummer of a Birthmark Hal.

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