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1 29th August 07:00
blutkrieg 88
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Default (jew time creed)

Spin is pretty much a kike thing since it's a form of lying. No, what
you read is pretty much straightfoward truth - something you've never
been really acquainted with. Freedom and democracy? A Kleptocracy such as
Israel has no concept of either. I have news for you Ms. Shiska Jew
Wannabe, Israel's enemies are incresasing everywhere. Her enemies not
only include full-on White Power anti-semites such as myself or pissed
off Islamic fundies, but people of various races, creed and political
stripes who are beginning to see the kike for what he is.

Linked to terrorism? How Suzy? You kikes wondered why we jew-haters
have been calling this so-called "war on terrorism" a bullshit Jew war
for the sake of Kikeland all of this time. Well, I hope Homeland
Security is reading this post when I say, ahem . . .

**** Israel!
Boycott that Shit Country of Israel!
**** the Kike NEO-Con Dominated Bush Administration!
**** the so-called Conservative White Race Traitors in Washington DC!
Shit on Israeli products!
Shit on Israelis!
!!!**** ISRAEL!!!

May the ropes stretch tight . . .

The enemy of my enemy . . . .

Blutkrieg 88
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2 8th September 19:29
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Default (law)

Let's talk about spin here.
That wasn't just some average guy asking a "forbidden question."
I looked at the actual article in the Kansas City Star, and it was
a customer in Bahrain sending a letter of credit that asked it to confirm
that the goods being shipped "are not of Israeli origin
nor do they contain any Israeli material".

Also, one can't assume that the $6000 are an average, and therefore
"more than 4,000 Americans or American companies have been fined"
The law against anti-Israeli boycott sets the fine at 5 times
the value of the transaction.
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