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1 5th July 12:10
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Default March 9th - St. Dominic Savio (crucifix history faith tabernacles prayers)

March 9th - St. Dominic Savio (RM)

Born in Riva, Piedmont, Italy, in 1842; died at Mondonio, Italy, on
March 9, 1857; beatified in 1950; canonized in 1954. Dominic was one
of ten children of a peasant blacksmith and a seamstress. He grew up
with a desire to be a priest. When Saint John Bosco began to train
youths as clergy to help him care for neglected boys at Turin,
Dominic's parish priest recommended today's saint. Bosco, who would
write Dominic's biography, was impressed upon meeting him.

In October 1854, at the age of twelve, Dominic became a student at the
Oratory of Saint Francis de Sales in Turin. He is best known for the
group he organized there, called the Company of the Immaculate
Conception. In addition to its devotional measures, it handled various
jobs, from sweeping the floors to taking special care of boys who were

Early in his stay at the oratory, Dominic halted a fight with stones
between two boys. Holding a crucifix between them he said, "Before you
fight, look at this, both of you, and say 'Jesus Christ was sinless,
and He died f****ving His executioners; I am going to outrage Him by
being deliberately revengeful.' Then you can start—and throw your
first stone at me."

He scrupulously followed the discipline of the house, incurring
resentment from some other boys from whom he expected the same
behavior. Nevertheless, he never repaid ill-treatment in kind. Bosco's
guidance probably curbed Dominic from becoming a young fanatic. He
forbade Dominic to perform bodily mortification without his
permission, believing that with ". . . heat, cold, sickness (and) the
tiresome ways of other people--there is quite enough mortification for
boys in school life itself."

He found Dominic shivering in bed one cold night with only a thin
sheet. "Don't be crazy. You'll get pneumonia," he said. "Why should
I?" replied Dominic. "Our Lord didn't get pneumonia in the stable at

On one occasion when Dominic was missing from morning until after
dinner, Bosco found him in the choir of the church, standing in a
cramped position by the lectern, deep in prayer. He had been there for
six hours, yet he thought that early Mass was not yet over. Dominic
referred to these times of intense prayer as "my distractions."

Bosco reports that in one strong 'distraction,' Dominic saw a wide,
mist-shrouded plain, with a multitude of people groping about in it.
To them came a pontifically vested figure carrying a torch that
lighted up the whole scene, and a voice seemed to say, "This torch is
the Catholic faith which shall bring light to the English people."

Bosco reported this to Pope Pius IX at Dominic's request, and the pope
said that it confirmed his intention to give attention to England.
(You may recall that England became a primary preoccupation of Don
Bosco's later life.) Some say this was the impetus for Pope Pius IX to
restore a hierarchy to England in 1850.

Dominic became known for his cheerfulness, friendliness, careful
observation, and good advice. Though only a boy, he was blessed with
spiritual gifts far beyond his age-knowledge of people in need,
knowledge of the spiritual needs of those around him, and the ability
to prophesy. Dominic's fragile health worsened, and in 1857, he was
sent home to Mondonio for a change of air. He was diagnosed with
tuberculosis, and was bled, which probably hastened his death.

He received the last sacraments and asked his father to read the
prayers for the dying. Toward the end, he tried to sit up. "Good-bye,
Father," he said, "the priest told me something . . . but I can't
remember what. . . ." Suddenly he smiled and exclaimed, "I am seeing

(15 years old) non-martyr to receive official canonization in the
history of the Church (Attwater, Benedictines, Delaney, Farmer,

Dominic Savio is the patron saint of Pueri Cantors, choirs, choirboys,
boys, and juvenile delinquents

Saint Quotes:
Death, but not sin.

Nothing seems tiresome or painful when you are working for a Master
who pays well; who rewards even a cup of cold water given for love of

I am not capable of doing big things, but I want to do everything,
even the smallest things, for the greater glory of God.
--Saint Dominic Savio

Bible Quote:
: . . . The High Priest tore at his clothes and said: "What more do we
need? Why wait for witnesses? You have heard his blasphemy. What is
your verdict?" And the vote for the death sentence was unanimous. (Mark 14:63-64)
Prayer to Saint Dominic Savio

Great model for God-loving boys and cherished pupil of the famous Don
Bosco, you died prematurely, humanly speaking, but you had already
attained mature spiritual wisdom. Your kindness won you many friends,
but your love above all sought the Master who is present in our
tabernacles. His praises you eucharistically sang. Make choir boys be
singers like you, for the love of Jesus, our most loving Master.
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