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1 1st July 00:41
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Default Nikken is now the High Priest of Nikken Shoshu )\ (enlightenment slander reality sense aspect)

Nikken is now the High Priest of Nikken Shoshu )

Here we go again!

Toki no (of the time) kanzu (head priest) nari (become) to iedomo
(although) [Though he becomes the head priest of the time] Buppo
(Buddhism) ni soui shite (differs from) kogi wo (selfish doctrine)
kamaeba (sets forth) [should someone set forth a selfish doctrine
which differs from Buddhism] kore moichiu ( = wo) yuu bekarazaru koto
(must not be used).

17. Though he be the head priest of the time, he is not to use a
person who sets forth his own doctrines which deviate from Buddhism.

"The head priest of the time is the head of the sect. In short, at the
present time it is the chief administrator, the High Priest. Since he
is the chief administrator, he is may employ or appoint people, but he
is not to use someone who propounds his own arbitrary views which
deviate from the Daishonin's Buddhism and who will not reform them
even after he is warned about them. In short, this shows the limits of
the authority of the head priest of the time." Nittatsu Shonin,
Commentary on Nikko Shonin's 26 Admonitions

Derek Juhl

__________________________________________________ ________________

And all this extraneous talk, because you refuse, Derek, to admit that
a priesthood should follow its own rules.

Nikko's sect, not Derek's. And not Nikken's.

Nikko's sect ended when Nikko's 26 Admonitions stopped being followed
by the leading priests, and now the High Priest, Nikken Shonin.

Nikken is now the High Priest of his own sect, the Nikken Sect.

__________________________________________________ _________

Really, Chas? This is your opinion? Looks like you just want to show
off how brainwashed you are by the SGI Ikeda cult to me.


__________________________________________________ _________
From: FatalFeline (


EXACTLY, I'm a witness, Mr. Ikeda was RIGHT! The heretical Gohonzon
is just proof that they have their OWN RULES!

The slander,, the allowing of heretical Gohonzons, accepting
talismans, starting 2 factions who are not them fighting, the
etc. etc.

So? Why hang around watching them disunify everyone? ::::Thats why
Im outta here...YOU ARE SO RIGHT!

Thats the point! YEP! And Derek he is a poster child for Crane


__________________________________________________ _______

On 3 Oct 2002 23:55:28 -0700, CharlesPostOne@Yahoo.Com (Charles Postone) wrote:
<some gibberish snipped>

Why don't you show any proof that our High Priest has changed any
doctrine. But then you hardly even read any of the replies to you
anyway, so you won't read this.

Mark Porter

Buddhism recognizes the existence of neither a
'God the Creator' nor a transcendent divinity,
but explains that all existence, illusion and
enlightenment, misfortune and happiness etc.,
are brought about through the causes and effects
each person makes, and nothing else. __________________________________________________ __________
"Mark P." <> wrote in message

He can't. Oh, I am sure he reads replies to his posts, but, like most
hit and run SGI posters, he is not here to respond to our responses.
__________________________________________________ _________ (Mark P.) wrote in message

Mark it's quite difficult to even find posts in this newsgroup, thanks
to Craig Bratcher (Ukasiad, C, etc.) so how can one deal with this.
You can't impugn me for cir***stances that you NST guys create. I do
my best to keep track and try to find things.

Your complaint makes no sense. I talk about the 26 Admonitions
regularly, and Nikken has broken most of them, and none of you who bow
down to him seem to care.

All you do is say "Ikeda doesn't follow them either." That's beside
the point, he's not a priest according to your own rules, Nikko's
rules for his school of Nichiren Buddhism, which you folks studiously

It doesn't matter what anyone else on earth does, if the High Priest
ignores the 26 Admonitions of Nikko, at that point he is no longer the
High Priest of Nikko's School.

And it's not been the Nichiren Shu Komon School since 1912, which I
also keep mentioning and you all keep ignoring.


From "The Entity of the Mystic Law", Writings of Nichiren Daishonin,
p. 419:

Question: If all living beings are entities of Myoho-renge-kyo, then
are ordinary people like ourselves who are ignorant and deluded,
unenlightened and dull-witted, also entities of the Mystic Law?

Answer: Though there are a great many people in the world today, they
all fall into two categories—those who believe in the provisional
teachings and those who believe in the true teaching. Those who
believe in the provisional and expedient teachings, such as the
Nembutsu, cannot be called entities of Myoho-renge-kyo. But those who
believe in the Lotus Sutra, which is the true teaching, are entities
of Myohorenge-kyo, mystic entities of the true aspect of reality. The
Nirvana Sutra says, "Among all living beings, those who believe in the
Mahayana are called the Mahayana people."
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