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1 28th March 18:49
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Default Our very own Laurel and Hardy show.

Officer Laurel and Dr. Hardy.

WELL Officer Laurel, isn't this a fine mess you have gotten us into?

Golly gee Dr. Hardy, I just couldn't help it - he made me do it.
Those darn questions I couldn't answer - all I could to was habitually call
him names and make seemingly insignificant insults.

Yes Officer Laurel, I know what you mean... he made me do it
also. I know what to do, we will tell everybody we are f****ven
and he is not because...well, because I said so and I'm the doctor.

Golly gee Dr. Hardy that sure is smart... maybe you could throw in
a few Greek words to kinda make it look real smart? In the meantime,
I will go stand in the corner and be quiet.

Good thinking Officer Hardy, evertime you open your mouth I have
to make myself look stupid trying to defend you.

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