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1 23rd April 06:10
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Default plz help with school assignment (god evil beliefs homo***uality religion)

could you please answer these questions for a homework assignment

How would you describe your religion?

Do you believe in a god or gods?

Does your god or gods command you to do justice unto each other?

How do you worship your god or gods?

Do you believe in an afterlife?

If so, what do you believe determines what will happen to people in the

What is the most important advice for living?

Do you have any rules about what can be eaten or drunk?

Do you believe alchohol is acceptable?

What is your position on *** before marriage?

On polygamy?

On homo***uality?

Do you believe that an immoral action can sometimes be justified by the

Do you believe that people who have other beliefs will be punished?

Do you believe it is your duty to convert others to your beliefs?

How do you treat nonbelievers?

Do you believe in just war?

Do you believe the world will soon be destroyed?

Do you believe in evil supernatural creatures?

Do you believe that if a person is insane, he or she is responsible for
their actions?

Do you believe that the ends can justify the means?

Do you believe that a husband must submit to his wife, or vice versa?

Do you believe that it would be ethical to kill innocent children if
your god or gods commanded you to?

Do you believe that good will always triumph over evil?

Do you believe that, on the whole, the world is becoming worse or

Do you believe in capital punishment?

Do you believe that your god or gods have complete control over the
events of your life?
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2 23rd April 06:10
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Default plz help with school assignment (religion sense mutual mind deity)

My religion is a search for truth along the ways of knowledge,
experience and inquiry. This is a task that is mainly accomplished by
the seeker with a little help from the teachers that are met along the
way. The deities that are encountered are treated with the same
respect that is due to any other individual or spirit. One's own mind,
body and spirit are also accorded the same respect. Encountering one's
personal deity or spirit is a returning home experience. The
relationship is one of close family based on a mutual love, honor and
respect. It is also based on wisdom, knowledge and a sense of justice.
That is the answer to all of your questions.

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