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1 25th April 05:20
don saklad
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Default Reorganization. Boston Public Library. (mark)

Chief Operating Officer and Chief of Staff R. Kowal relayed that
BPL President Bernie Margolis extends the offer of a personal walk
through of the reorganization plan.

I'm very grateful for the opportunity offered.

1. Please arrange for me to read information about the reorganization
including consultants' studies and consultants' reports whether outside
consultants or in house consulting BPLers/curators .

2. Do reply on the mark to comment, suggestions and questions.

It's easier to use our library more effectively with more available
information and a subsequent understanding about how the lib works behind the
scenes backstage so to speak.

Memoranda, committee minutes, committee reports, curatorial reports and
related materials would give a better idea of the reorganization so that when
meeting Bernie Margolis I would not be at a disadvantage for lack of
information. How to interpret the information would be a more useful use of
the encounter. Is there any truth to the rumors of neutralizing people who
request information as a counter tactic?... that would be an attempt to
deflect intellectual curiosity. Make available the information. Communicate
the information in a sequence that would allow more thoughtful responses from
people concerned, interested or affected by the information.

For example, set up a web link at with a forum for
BPLusers/clientele to submit their comment, suggestions and questions.
It could be a forum where we would also exchange ideas among one another
including ideas and responses from interested, concerned or affected BPLers.

Here are a couple considerations to include in the reorganization...

a. Customer service techniques, continuing training, continuing supervision.

b. Communications using BPLusers/clientele feedback

I remain, as always, advocating for institutional change and for improving
the organizational culture of our North American cities' public libraries!

Cheers! and kind regards,
oo__ Don Saklad

Don Warner Saklad

10/2003 draft chart
Reorganization Plan. Boston Public Library.

Boston Public Library
Reorganization Plan
Draft 10/2003

Human Resources Director
Chief Technology Officer
Chief Operating Officer and Chief of Staff
Chief of Public Services
Chief Financial Officer

Chief Operating Officer and Chief of Staff
Collection Development Manager
Technical Services Manager
Program Services Manager
Services to Libraries
Heritage Center Project
Administrative Services/Policy and Procedure

Chief of Public Services
Central Library Services Manager
Neighborhood Services Manager
Community Services Manager

Chief Financial Officer
Capital Projects Officer
Enterprise Manager
Facility Services Officer
Business Services Manager
Accounting Services
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