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1 10th February 12:11
susan williams
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Default #TERESITA TRIES FURTHER TO COVER UP HER DEATH DECREE!! (demons evil beliefs religion heaven)

Makes you stay up nights to post to Susan Williams whom you claim needs mental help!

When I find kindergarteners playing with paper guns, I am not even
scared enough to offer them the belt!

Does it tell us to report terrorists before another attack ejects?

How much more the death decree against all non-Catholics before a
holocaust erects?

Here is Teresita telling us in behalf of Rome that all non-Catholics
should be tortured and killed based upon scripture!!:

A man by the name of Ted Seeber condemned all non-Catholic life when
with approval he told us that:

"NONE of the groups persecuted by the Catholics were living the Bible.
They were living their personal interpretations of God, not the Bible"

You can find that statement here as I submit the evidence:

Brother Ted revealed that this was done just after the 911 attacks
when America was assessng what a terrorist was with respect to human

Because of the revelation, Ted Seeber had to make an excuse and leave.
He left his website up, but his pictures and other things appeared to
have disappeared from it.

Soon, another killer super-terrorist became insensed at what was done
to Ted Seeber. He then moved out to attack me as I was showing how
Seeber confirmed THAT ROME HADN'T CHANGED. She still has
mass-exterminations as part of her agenda, practice and habits. To
accomplish this she has demons in human form trained to storm all free
media and teach people how they must understand that people will

That killer refashioned his name after mine in the reverse and called
himself "William Suzanne." The man then entered with the boldest of
lies, much like John Ashcroft telling us the Patriot Act is

He comes in telling us that SEEBER DOESN'T SPEAK FOR (or represent)
Rome in his condemnation of all non-Catholics.

I had to ask the super-terrorist more than once why then he wasn't
upset with Seeber for MISREPRESENTING Rome. As usual, the
super-terrorist then moved into an unbridled attack against the

Here is that attack now. Let us therefore compare churches since
people like Will Suzanne toild us that to expose Rome is to hate EVERY
SINGLE CATHOLIC and to be hateful, but he then has no trouble HATING
EVERY SINGLE ADVENTIST!! The Protestants not only told us that Rome
mass-murdered and never changes, she also told us that Rome's army
members ARE UNSCRUPULOUS hopelessly and blindly so!

Let's therefore watch just one of their fulfillments in action as he
has not stopped his attacks, neither has he dared to answer the
question that was given him, but now maintains I must answer his
questions or else I prove I'm wrong:

On 20 Sep 2003 10:56:35 -0700, (William Suzanne) wrote:

Let's compare the worst of the "crimes" of Adventism with the PARANOID
super-terrorist killers of the Pope as with this poster who calls
himself the reverse of my name.

Some of you may well not be convinced that Ted Seeber condemned all
non-Catholics on the newsgroups. Actually, to this day, even those on
the newsgroups who formerly denied it had to confess that Seeber did
just that, and they went into every manner of defense for Seeber. As
we expose the dialogues, we will more prove this. However, since we
started this work, another person came out more boldly and gave
approval of the deaths of millions of Christians. She posts under the
name of Teresita. When I made mention of that great Christian work
Foxe's Book of Martyrs, detailing centuries of uncountable murders of
bible-believing Christians, she referred to the work as:

"Foxe's Book of Hereticks." She therefore approved of their deaths
because they viewed religion differently:

Naturally, we got on her case for her boldness here as we still have
the liberty to do in this free country.

Teresita in response lied to us, telling us that when she called
Foxe's Book of Martyrs "Foxe's Book of Heretics," she was only
referring to the Albigenses of the Protestant Reformation 5/29/2003
who were a minority group of Christians during that time:

How do we know she was lying? The Albigenses were hardly mentioned in
that massive work. Protestants usually have little to say about the
ANNIHILATED BY ROME! But more proof that she was lying comes in her
next response as she worked to divert from my advancing questions:

Teresita belied her claim that she was only refering to the Albigenses
when she condemned the Christian martyrs as "hereticks" by condemning
Tyndale, who was not one of the Albigenses:


When pressed further and further to reveal her beliefs she is trained
to hide on the matter of the value of human life, Teresita says the
Vatican merely carried out God's commands when they killed millions of
Christians because the Israelites did the same with their enemies.
Here she is freely admitting what all those "Anti-Catholics" and
"Catholic-haters" have been saying all along:

Here is that dialogue below:

From: Teresita (
Subject: Re: Teresita responds inappropriatly

Newsgroups: alt.religion.christian.adventist,
Date: 2003-05-29 12:05:31 PST
In article <>, Susan says...

Teresita replies:
We merely carried out God's commandment in His Eternal Word:

Deuteronomy 17:2-5 "If there is found among you, within any of your
towns which the Lord your God gives you, a man or woman who does what
is evil in the sight of the Lord your God, in transgressing his
covenant, and has gone and served other gods and worshiped them, or
the sun or the moon or any of the host of heaven, which I have
forbidden, and it is told you and you hear of it; then you shall
inquire diligently, and if it is true and certain that such an
abominable thing has been done in Israel, then you shall bring forth
to your gates that man or woman who has done this evil thing, and you
shall stone that man or woman to death with stones."

ARE YOU LISTENING HOMELAND SECURITY??? She claims the scriptures
mandated their actions IN THE NEW TESTAMENT!! Is it the New Testament
now? Do those scriptures still exist now and have weight now IN THE


After telling us that just to expose these facts about Rome she is now
boldly admitting is hatred, what would happen if we took a look at
what ANTI-PROTESTANTISM always was throughout the ages? When we
brought this issue about hatred up for her condemning the lives of all
non-Catholics, this is how she declared Rome didn't hate her victims
she was killing: I wrote:
In article <>, Susan Williams says...

Teresita replies:
It's nothing personal. It's just business.

Encyclopedia Teresita

In His Grace,


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