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1 6th May 10:42
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Default The Consequences of Theistic Evolution 2 (false reality salvation holy death)

The Consequences of Theistic Evolution 2

(this is not for the atheistic evolutionist)

No. 2 Misrepresentation of the Nature of God

Aspects of God's nature:

God is love(I John 4:16)
God is light(I John 1:5)
God is life(Ps 36:10, I John 1:1-2)

The Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ, is the true God and the everlasting
life(I John 5;20). Through Him God made the universe(Heb 1:2). He is
"gentle and humble of heart"(Matt 11:29, and "in Him is no sin" (I John
3:5). If God has these characteristics and creates something or someone,
then His works could only be perfect(Deut 32:4) and "very good"( Gen

The Darwinistic priciple of the "survival of the fittest" means that the
superior organisms will win the battle for survival and the unadapted ones
will be weeded out by death and suffering. As a method of creating life
forms, this procedure is totally contrary to the nature of the Lord Jesus
Christ. Death is evolution's strategy for elevating life. The biblical
testimony concerning God's nature is distorted when death and ghastliness
are presumed to be creative principles.

The anti-biblical consequences of theistic evolution lead to the following:

a.- a false representation of the God of the Bible the Lord Jesus Christ.
b.- God is seen as imperfect.
c.- death and suffering are ascribed to the Creator as priciples of creation.
d.- it is assumed that the holy God used sin to create life.
e.- sin is regarded as a harmles evolutionary factor, causing the Lord
Jesus Christ's work of redemption as the only possibility of man's
salvation, to appear nearly absurb.
f.- Adam's fall into sin is seen as a myth instead of reality, conveying a
false impression of death and suffering in this world.

The death of the Lord Jesus Christ to the theistic evolutionist means
nothing and has therefore no power to provide f****veness or salvation.
They therefore remain lost and unredeemed unto everlasting life as long as
they continue in the myth of evolution(john 3:36).
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2 8th May 02:35
elmer bataitis
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Default The Consequences of Theistic Evolution 2 (way cross)

Define what you mean by "superior". You'd think people would read other threads.

Nope. Not "unadapted", the unlucky, the ones that never reproduce, or
the ones that die before getting to reproducing age.

No, It is nature's way. Evolution is simply a fact of nature.

And why did Christ suffer and die on the cross again????

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3 8th May 02:35
matt silberstein
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Default The Consequences of Theistic Evolution 2 (religion way christian)

In alt.religion.christian I read this message from (IknowHimDoYou):

IOW because sometime bad guys win, there is no God. Again, your
solution is to ignore how the world really works. You can see no
way to believe in God while looking at the world.
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