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THE RISE OF SPIRITUALITY AND FALL OF DOGMA QN (movements entity orthodox hell psychic) - Mombu the Religion Forum
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1 13th February 19:18
the rise of spirituality and fall of dogma
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Default THE RISE OF SPIRITUALITY AND FALL OF DOGMA QN (movements entity orthodox hell psychic)


"What is dogma? Dogma is a preconceived idea which forbids human
beings to outstep the limits of that idea or object. In this
situation the human intellect cannot freely function. Some people
say, "All right, we may not get the maximum utilization of our
intellect, yet we can have at least ten to twenty percent of its
services." My considered opinion is that where there is dogma, even
ten to twenty percent of the human intellect cannot be properly
utilized; and the meagre amount of intellect used is not something
worthwhile. The greatest treasure of human beings is their psychic
faculty, or their intellect. When I cannot utilize this precious
intellect to its fullest advantage -- what more tragic situation
could there be than this! So we need the liberation of the human
mind, and even before this we need the liberation of the human

Let me further explain what dogma is. Suppose the intellect wants to
follow a particular path; in the meantime dogma comes from all sides
and forbids it, "Oh no, no! Don't take a single step further on that
side. If you do, you'll be burnt in eternal hell-fire. You'll be
doomed to hell for eternity." When the intellect wants to make the
fullest utilization of mundane wealth, dogma comes in and says, as
it were, "Oh no -- you must not do it. It is harmful for human
beings, it is sheer blasphemy. It will lead to the degradation of
A Few Problems Solved Part 4, 28 January 1980)

To overcome dogma it is necessary to realise the trifarious nature
of human beings.

"Now human expressions are trifarious -- physical expression,
psychic expression and spiritual expression. The spiritual
expression is the highest and subtlest expression of human
existence. And here lies the speciality of humans. In the physical
stratum each and every human being is special. Nobody is just like
others. Even in a small family, brothers and sisters vary from one
another. No two face-cuttings are the same. On the psychic level
humans are divided into several kinds of ideologies, and they fight
amongst themselves, just for ideology, and ideology remains in some
sphere of abstraction, and they quarrel amongst themselves. They
quarrel regarding religion, regarding different isms with different
views, regarding sports. One person will say, "My team will win,"
while another will say, "But my team can fight" -- in football or
any other sport. And there was one very important play in Spain,
toros or something like that -- "bullfighting". People were very
much interested in it, and they, the fans, used to fight amongst
themselves, and it is not a physical fight, it is a psychic fight.
But in the realm of spirituality there cannot be any fight, because
the Supreme Goal is one, a singular entity.

So spiritualism, rather spirituality, is not only the highest and
noblest human speciality, but is the only unifying point, the only
unifying platform, for the entire human society. There may be so
many human races Negroid, Austric, Mongoloid, Caucasian. Amongst
Mongolians there are so many Malays, Japano- and Sino- blendings,
Tibeto-Indians, so many of those. Amongst Caucasians there are
Nordics, Scandinavians; Alpines in middle Europe; Mediterraneans in
Italy, south France, Spain and Portugal. But human society is a
singular entity -- humans belong to the same society. So here the
Supreme Noumenal Entity is the spiritual nave. Now humans of this
last portion of the twentieth century should strengthen that nave,
should strengthen that Supreme Noumenal Entity, and on the basis of
this Supreme Noumenal Entity lies their universal fraternity -- they
are children of the same Supreme Father. The Supreme Progenitor is
one; His children are many in number. If the children quarrel
amongst themselves on petty affairs, this will certainly not satisfy
the Supreme Father. He has given humans, that is, the human body, a
developed cranium, a developed brain, developed nerve cells and
nerve fibres. Humans should utilize them properly. There should be
maximum utilization of all your assets, and by utilizing your
assets, you, in your individual and collective capacities, will be
assets to human society." (Human Expressions, HUMAN EXPRESSIONS AND

So it can be seen that the spiritual yearning and its development is
what gives individuals and society a proper desideratum.

"The first point is that the desideratum must be correct. If someone
imagines that their desideratum is to become rich or famous, or even
if they aspire to have a post-mortem gate pass to the mythological
kingdom of heaven, then surely this can prove very dangerous. But
even if the desideratum is correct -- that is, the attainment of
perfection, or oneness with God -- even then that cannot be a stable
source for our existential stamina. Imagine that one is guiding his
or her lifeboat in the vast ocean by means of the pole-star. That is
all right. But what happens if the sky of our life becomes covered
by clouds? In fact, there are many clouds -- psychic/mental
propensities, the potential reactions to past actions, mental
fetters and internal enemies respectively. Thus even the correct
desideratum is still not dependable.

Through psycho-spiritual practices all the clouds may be removed
from the sky of our life, and in that event the clear vision of our
desideratum allows us to proceed unerringly on the path of spiritual
liberation. And finally all *******s through action may be
eliminated by the three-fold approach of ideation on God, surrender
of the vanity of actions, and detachment regarding the results of
our work." (THE ORIGIN OF EXISTENTIAL STAMINA, A Few Problems Solved
Part 8, October 1986, Calcutta)

To attain God requires a pure focus. It is a domestic and personal
relationship that needs to be developed and felt. Religions
commonly try to instil fear of God. But spirituality says no to
fear and states that devotion is the way. The fear psychology is
one that is merely manipulative and used to control people to meet
the ends of religious divisiveness. Love for God ignores the fear

"And one should not be afraid of God, one should not be God-fearing -
one must be God-loving. One must not be afraid of hell and one
must not have any charm or fascination for the so-called heaven.
One must know that one has come from that Supreme progenitor and the
culminating point of all sorts of movements is that Supreme Father.
Everything cometh from Him, and everything goeth back to Him. The
relationship is one of love and affection, and not of any fear
complex. One must not say, "Oh God, I am a sinner." You need not
say like this - it is superfluous to say like this. Because
whatever you did is known to Him. Then what is the necessity of
saying, "Oh God, I am a sinner?" He knows everything; you need not
remind Him that your are a sinner.

And you know, if you always think, "I am a sinner, I am a sinner",
then actually you will become a sinner, if you are not already a
sinner - because what a person thinks, he or she will become like
that. If you always think, 'I am a sinner, I am a sinner", then
actually you will become a sinner. So what are you to think? What
are you to ideate upon? That is: "Oh Father, I am your loving
child. I was a bit misguided, now please help me. I want to sit on
your lap, I want to remain with you, I want to be an ideal boy, an
ideal girl of yours, just help me. I am very weak and you are the
strongest personality", you should say like this. Why should you
say, "I am a culprit, I am a sinner, I am a bad person?" And in the
social sphere, in the civic sphere, in any other sphere of society,
you may be a bad person, but for your Father you are not at all
bad. He will always try to save you and rectify you. He has got
immense grace for you. So you should not destroy or distort your
career by saying, 'I am a sinner, I am bad.' Then naturally your
Father will be angry. He will say, "Oh naughty chap, I know your
are a sinner. What's the necessity of saying that?" So you should
remember that the noumenal cause although it is the Supreme entity
in the entire universe, has a very close relationship with you.
That Supreme noumenal entity is your loving Father; He is not the
judge of a court. He is your loving Father, the relationship is
purely domestic.

Now, when one is ensconced in the supreme stance, in the Supreme
idea, one will be successful in each and every arena of human life.
Whatever you will do like rendering social service - will be
fruitful, and you will get immense pleasure in it. But if there is
no love for the Supreme entity, then what will happen? Your work
will be fruitless, and you will suffer from different kinds of
psychic disease, including frustration. If you do your spiritual
meditation for ten or twenty-four hours in a day, but there is no
love for the Supreme Entity, you are simply misusing the time,
abusing the time. So the first and foremost thing is that you
should always remember that you are not an ordinary person, you have
not come from an ordinary family, you have come from the noblest and
the highest family of the universe because your Father is the most
respectable person in the entire universe. So you must not suffer
from any sort of defeatist complex, any sort of fear complex or any
sort of hopelessness or helplessness, because your Father is always
Sam'graha Part 12, Ba'ba' in Fiesch, 20 May 1979 DMC, Timmern,

This is the approach that must be taken. It also gets rid of
pettiness and narrow sentiments.

"All petty thoughts and narrow sentiments disappear from the mind of
a person moving towards the Supreme Entity. God includes all;
therefore to love God means to love all. So spiritual aspirants of
God see God in everyone and everything, loving all equally. They
look upon all countries as their own country, all languages as their
own language, and all races as their own race. Even the worms and
insects that infest hell are as dear to them as the greatest of
human beings. To them, the importance and glamour of tiny ant is
equal to that of an elephant. They realise that the entire universe
is their own self, that the all-thinking God is their own all-
thinking self. This is the true stance of immortality." (THE SUPREME
QUESTION -- 2, Subha's'ita Sam'graha Part 7, Paos' Pu'rn'ima' 1958,
Trimohan, Bhagalpur)

That is why in texts on spirituality the Oneness of God is the
emphasis. For example,

"He is controlling the psychic realm which sustains and nourishes
the entire life-flow of heaven, earth and underworld - so He is
called Trilokana'tha [the Lord of the Three Worlds]. And in this
quinquelemental world, He clearly understands the nature and
behaviour of each and every entity, so He is called Bhu'tana'tha
[the Lord of All Created Beings]." (NAMAH SHIVA'YA SHANTA'YA,
1982, Kashi)

There are many spiritual stories that can be resorted to so as to
prove how devotion is the way.

"In ancient times there was one such devotee who used to go from
place to place distributing the bliss of devotion. His name was
Narada. Once he said to the Supreme Consciousness (Parama Purus'a in
Sanskrit): "O Lord, all the scholars and philosophers say that You
are omniscient, but people do not feel Your presence everywhere.
Where, therefore, is the place where Your presence can most be felt?
Or which place do You consider as dearest to You?" The Lord
replied, "It is true that I am everywhere; there is no action, no
thought, no feeling, in which I am not present. All actions take
place before My eyes, within My mind. Nothing should be done or
thought which is meant to be hidden from Me. Still, I do not live in
the seventh heaven as people think. Minds which are free from
narrowness, limitations, and isms are the places dear to me."
1971, Ranchi)

Also, these learning stories mock the concept of heaven and hell -
as these are dogmas that deny spirituality and cannot elevate the
human being.

"Devotees feel alike whether in heaven or in hell. In heaven they
are with the Supreme Consciousness and are happy. If perchance they
go to hell, the Cosmic Entity is also there. There is no place in
this universe where God is not present. If they go to hell, the Lord
cannot live alone in heaven. He will also have to be in hell to
entertain His devotees. So if devotees go to hell they are also with
the Supreme and dance, sing and do spiritual chants. Their minds
remains full of bliss. They are completely apathetic and indifferent
towards pleasure and pain, good name and bad name in the external
world. Only the devotees can say that these carry no value. Those
who are devoid of devotion, even if they work conscientiously, shall
remain aloof from the Supreme and ultimately they will have
abhorrence for work. While doing hard penance the minds of such
people will not be with God. Instead, their minds will be thinking
about the hardship faced during the penance." (DEVOTION -- THE ONLY
PATH, A'nanda Vacana'mrtam Part 5, 18 November 1978, Patna)

Devotees fear nothing, and do not fear the assertions of religious
dogma. They know the Lord to be everywhere.

"Everything in this universe is controlled by Him. Nothing is beyond
Him, nothing is outside Him. He is both Lord of heaven and Lord of
hell - neither are outside Him; neither are beyond His jurisdiction.
That is why I have said that spiritual aspirants should never be
unnecessarily worried about heaven and hell. If one does noble deeds
or sings spiritual songs in hell, it is the bounden duty of the Lord
of hell to be there, too, and thus it automatically ceases to be a
hell. By forming a circle of the Lord's ardent devotees you can
transform a hell into a heaven." (THE LORD OF MORTALITY AND
IMMORTALITY, A'nanda Vacana'mrtam Part 8, 19 February 1979, Bombay)

Some go as far as to make a firm point that there is not to be any
fear in any cir***stances.

"'We don't care if it is an act of great sacrilege for which we will
be doomed to live in hell. We shall happily go to hell. It's all the
same for us. We have so much love for the Lord that He too, will
have to come to hell to be with us. We don't make any discrimination
between heaven and hell or between virtue and vice. All that matters
to us is that the Lord should be pleased.'" (PLEASE PARAMA PURUS'A
THROUGH YOUR SERVICE, A'nanda Vacana'mrtam Part 8, 24 February 1979
evening, Jammu)

Remember, this merely points out that the sinner complex must be
done away with on the spiritual path. Rectification of one's wrongs
is what needs to happen not condemnation as a sinner.

"As most people do not know basic human psychology, their actions
result in the so-called criminals becoming a greater burden on
society. Having been subjected to much social injustice and
criticism, some people think, "Now that I have stepped onto the path
of vice, now that I have fallen down, I will not stop until I reach
the deepest hell." You should not do anything, even unconsciously,
which goes against fundamental human psychology, and you should
ensure that other people do not get any scope to make such mistakes
either. If so-called sinners are repeatedly scolded, they will never
become transformed into good people. Even bad people, under indirect
pressure, or external attraction, or urge for the Supreme
Consciousness, can turn into good people." (EXPLOITATION -- NO
MORE, NEOHUMANISM IN A NUTSHELL 1, A'nanda Vacana'mrtam Part 7, 4
January 1979, Patna)

It should also be understood that the position of women in religions
has seldom been advanced to that of equality. The historical
impetus of social equality will now unfold through spiritual force.
Spirituality is the only means to social equality.

"In the warrior era women were considered as men's precious wealth.
Although women did not have the same rights and privileges as men,
they commanded considerable social prestige. But in the intellectual
era women were relegated to the status of animals and cattle. They
became mere household necessities. In the warrior era women were
regarded as the pleasurable objects of the valiant, and abduction of
women by strong men was considered an act of piety and virtue. But
in the intellectual era the trend changed, and women became
playthings. Without husbands, they lost their very existence in
society. In some countries, more than one woman was compelled to be
subservient to one man.

As a result of men crippling women economically with the pain of
unrelenting social penalization and threats of perdition in hell,
women became so dependent on men that the very sense of injustice of
a man possessing many wives at the same time was erased from their
minds. As a result of the peculiar logic that it was a sin for women
to live unmarried lives, unmarried girls were forced to marry old
men on the verge of death. In some countries and in some periods,
they were married to imaginary gods and called devada'siis
or "servants of God". Needless to say, these sorts of marriages only
heightened social injustices. The continuation of such malpractices
bred a sort of inferiority complex and despair in the minds of
women. Few keep count of the millions of women who wept and sobbed
themselves to death in the darkness of many a sleepless night. They
were levelled flat like the soft earth under the administrative
steamroller of the priests and intellectuals. For this reason, we
find in some social customs and ceremonies, women's doggerels and
tales of religious observances, that mothers with no other means of
escape, taught the daughters from their childhood to pray to God
that they might not be neglected as co-wives or that their rivals
might not live long. Matrimonial ties became inviolable in the
intellectual era." (The Vipra Age, Human Society Part 2)

Spirituality and proper spiritual practices, rather then meaningless
rituals, is what creates universalism in thought. This is vital
also for social equality.

"The social and religious rights of women were curtailed in numerous
ways so that they would be kept forever in thraldom to the men. They
were even forbidden walking in the open space under the open sky.
Covered in burkas and veils, they were reduced to the status of
caged birds living on seeds and water. It was decreed that they were
not entitled to their ancestral property. The girls were given much
less than the boys. It was categorically declared that they were not
entitled to spiritual liberation or salvation; that women go to
heaven, it's true, but the men get all sorts of privileges there
that women cannot get. These rubbish ideas have died out due to
various cir***stances. In some places they are in the process of
extinction, and in other places they are totally extinct.

Today the clattering chariot wheels are turning. That din is making
the hearts of the opportunists quake. This is the decree of fate.
The pace of change is fast accelerating." ("Kramalaya", Shabda
Cayanika' Part 10, 4 January 1987, Calcutta)

"A source of knowledge is authoritative do***ents. These can
provide real knowledge to human beings. However, if it is not based
on spiritual realisation, if it is a mere interpolation arising out
of the fertile brain of an opportunist or intellectual, it can never
bring real knowledge to people, but will sow seeds of disharmony and
dissension in the human society. For instance, the scripture of a
certain community states that the earth is fixed and the sun in
moving around it. This assertion is of course absolutely wrong
scientifically. If an erudite scientist points out this mistake, the
orthodox followers of the scriptures will brand him or her an
atheist. The scriptures of other communities proclaim that only the
followers of their religion are the favourite children of God and
others are damned heathens. To kill them is not at all a sin, rather
one will attain a permanent place in heaven after their death. Such
scriptures are very detrimental to human society." (PRA'PTA VA'KYA
AND A'PTA VA'KYA, ("Relative Knowledge And Absolute Knowledge"),
Tattva Kaomudii Part 2)

So you must rely ultimately on spiritual knowledge.

"Qualified spiritual teachers are those with a developed integral
outlook and a capacity to impart it to their students. Unfortunately
so many so-called spiritual teachers are inculcating defective and
narrow ideas in the name of spirituality to serve their own self-
interests. Some of them even enter meaningless controversies such as
whether God has a form or not, or is black or white, etc. Some even
try to teach their disciples that there are as many as 300 million
different gods and goddess! Others cite mythological stories to
explain that certain gods bestow their powers on the faithful
disciples, but other gods mercilessly punish the detractors. They
jump at every opportunity to take advantage of the sentimental
weaknesses of their credulous disciples, and in the name of
spiritual training create obstacles on the path of spiritual
progress by relating all kinds of **** and bull stories about heaven
and hell. These "religious merchants" with their non-integral
outlook, want to divide humanity into different groups (Indians,
Germans, Russians, etc.) or into communities (Hindus, Muslims, Arya
Samajis, etc.) Obviously blind religious supporters cannot form an
integral view of the world. Rather they say, "Well in spite of
having distributed so much food and water to the poor, and having
undergone such severe penance, we still haven't been blessed with
God-realisation." This is an utterance of one with a non-integral
outlook. The Supreme Consciousness - God - cannot be attained by
such people." (INTEGRAL AND NON-INTEGRAL OUTLOOK, Tattva Kaomudii
Part 3)

Co-existence of dogma and spirituality is impossible.

"Never can we have the sun and the night at the same time. At the
sight of the sun approaching, the face of the night becomes pale,
and we know that it is dawn. Similarly, when the night descends, the
sun disappears. The two cannot exist together. These two things
cannot go together -- in the same way, the psychic inclination based
on self-knowledge (helping everybody in their movement towards the
Supreme Nucleus) and the ideal of the highest good can never coexist
with the psychic inclination based on ignorance (that which causes a
deteriorating effect on the human mind) and crudeness and directed
towards sense-pleasures. This is because of the basic difference
between matter and consciousness. Persons whose vision is not clear
enough to grasp the real perspective of things, speak of peaceful
coexistence simply to win cheap applause. They are living in a
fool's hell. I won't say a "fool's paradise", even though that is
the familiar expression. They are living in a fool's hell, because
no such coexistence is possible. Darkness cannot coexist with the
moon. Is talking about the impossible not a bid for cheap
popularity? It is a form of hypocrisy." (SPIRITUAL LESSONS OF THE
Vacana'mrtam Part 17, 12 February 1980, Calcutta)

The awareness of real spirituality is arising.

"Civilization is not unchanging . There is nothing stationary on
this earth -- everything is dynamic. Civilization is also a
progressive phenomenon, moving from good to better, from
imperfection to perfection. The greater the tendency of refinement
in people, the more cultured they are. We must remember that
refinement and hypocrisy are not the same. There is a heaven and
hell difference between the external show and the inner motives of a
hypocrite, and the inner and outer consistency of a refined
individual. Whatever is done in a refined way, is done with
reasoning and propriety, and thus, instead of being a cause of
social breakdown, will be a cause of social well-being. Let me give
an example. The drinking of water is basically an animal instinct.
It would reveal a complete lack of culture for anyone to drink drain-
water simply because they were thirsty. To ascertain whether the
water is pure before drinking, and to ensure that all towns and
villages receive a regular supply of pure water, are signs of a
civilised society. But to say, "I'm doing a dry fast" after having
secretly drunk a glass of water is the height of hypocrisy. (THE
SPIRIT OF SOCIETY, A Few Problems Solved Part 6, Prout in a Nutshell
Part 9, Supreme Expression Volume 2)

Remember, God knows everything.

"The Cosmic Consciousness (God) knows everything. According to
A'nanda Ma'rga philosophy, there is no question of heaven and hell.
So you must not encourage helplessness. Indeed, God is present in
hell and heaven. So you are never alone. You must never encourage
the psychology of helplessness. The Supreme Entity is always with
you. That Supreme Entity is in love with you, and therefore you must
not suffer from any kind of inferiority complex. Make Him the goal
of your life and become an emancipated being." (HE IS EVERYTHING,
A'nanda Vacana'mrtam Part 1, 15 August 1978, Patna)

All above extracts from the works of Shrii Shrii Anandamurti


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