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1 27th May 09:32
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Default Theme park at Pipestone (able time self don)

We're pagans not borgs <g>

I personaly don't think only local issues are important but I do think
getting involved in local issues is more effective. Wishing to help and
being able to provide real help is different , yup signing the petition took
30 secs of my time but I'm not a voter or a consumer in America so I doubt
it'll count for much.

This is the campaign I'm more interseted in supporting at the moment, even
if I've never been there a theme park somehow seems much less of a threat
than a landfill site and quarry.

To your own self be true
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2 27th May 09:32
pangur ban
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Default Theme park at Pipestone

Have copied the URL and will visit the site this afternoon. *smile*
Thanks for the reply.

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3 27th May 09:36
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Default Theme park at Pipestone

In article <Xns93B453F95D365Pang@>, Pangur Ban quietly

Which battles are worthy of fighting? Ones where there's a chance of
winning; or rather, ones that you're likely to make a difference, if
only slightly.

Who, in higher government is going to pay much attention to a list of
names on a website, which could have, realistically, been filled in by
one person, for all they know. Who in American government are going to
pay attention to the say of a non-resident, non-voter in a completely
different country? It's hard enough making a difference in our own

Fight the battles you have a chance of winning. Let those more likely
to win other battles fight those. Else we fight all battles and burn
out before achieving anything
There are three kinds of people
One will say "This glass is half empty"
One will say "This glass is half full"
And one will say "What? There's mead left?"
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4 27th May 09:36
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Default Theme park at Pipestone (don)

In article <>, Spyder
<> writes


This online petition is only one of a number of ways the theme park
proposal is being acted against. Personally I'll be taking further
action because I realise the seriousness of the threat. If my voice has
little impact on events then in my opinion it's better than none at all.
If my actions have no effect at all at least I've tried.

I quite agree we can't fight everything and need to select the things
that we think are worth fighting for. I believe this is worth my effort.
If you don't then you're welcome to your views, and I would not be
critical of your non-action. No doubt there are other issues elsewhere
you will fight and I will not.

If anyone else wishes to protest by mail the best person to write to is:
David Krueger
Pipestone County EDA
119 2nd Ave SW, Suite 5
MN 56164
or online at
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5 27th May 09:36
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Default Theme park at Pipestone

I would be interested in the views of the posters on alt.native about this
issue, but I can find no reference to Pipestone in the current messages?

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