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1 17th March 23:40
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Default Turn Your Head Away, Brian Rahilly )[ (entity enlightenment delusion false evil)

Turn Your Head Away, Brian Rahilly )

Subject: Hold your head high
From: (Brian)
Date: 12/7/2002 7:11 AM Pacific Standard Time
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It's a wonderful feeling to be free. One who is not will need to find
a way to liberate themselves, but before that, they will have to
muster their courage. "Strengthen your courage" is a constant
encouragement from the Daishonin which can be found often enough in
his writings.


These terribly long dissertations you write perhaps merits some
attention. However, since you remain hidden behind your mask and fail
to properly identify yourself, how can anyone take you seriously? It
all appears that you are doing this for some kind of personal
pleasure, far removed from the mission of a Bodhisattva.

Without courage one can never advance on the path of Buddhism.

Honest men don't need to hide behind aliases and false identities.

State who you are and your full and correct name.

Best regards.

Brian Rahilly
__________________________________________________ __

Specifically speaking:

Brian, we both know, truly, who you and I are. You know me as well as
you know your own mother. Our history is long and intertwined. We
always converse at the crucial moments (like now). Now is the time to
stop bowing to the Craneus. It really puts you in an awkward and
downwind position in relation to Nichiren Shoshu priests, their women
of pleasure (the "end" to which your alms are spent), and their
lackeys, family members and pets.

(Like the title, turn your head away from evil.)

Nichiren Shoshu priests are not priests in the view of Nikko Shonin,
whose 26 Admonitions defined them quite differently. It is his school
(Nichiren Shu Komon School, the Fuji School) that Nichiren Shoshu is
bastardized from. I'm sure you'll all go on to great length about how
various SGI members and leaders broke the 26 Admonitions, and well,
duh. We also are not priests of Nikko's school because they don't
exist. Like the Marsupial Wolf of Australia, priests of Nikko's School
are extinct, since they died out after the last good High Priest,
Nichikan the 26th (for whom the 26 Admonitions were crafted).

More on that topic at:

Generally speaking:

Having shared specifically with you the only non-corrupting thing that
I can: compassion ....

I will not, of course, even budge in the slightest way out of my path
to satisfy even the smallest request for alms from the icchantika (an
incorrigible disbeliever). This is Fuse, as in the Rissho Ankoku Ron.


From "The Entity of the Mystic Law", Writings of Nichiren Daishonin,
p. 418:

Ignorance is a state of delusion that must be cut off, whereas
enlightenment is the state that one must manifest. How then can we say
that they are a single entity? To resolve doubts on this point, one
should have a clear grasp of the passages that have been quoted here.
The example of the dream given in the ninety-fifth volume of The
Treatise on the Great Perfection of Wisdom and the T'ien-t'ai school's
example of the piece of crystal cited above are very interesting

Further proof of the truth that ignorance and enlightenment are one in
essence is found in the passage in the Lotus Sutra that reads, "These
phenomena are part of an abiding Law, [and] the characteristics of the
world are constantly abiding." Great Perfection of Wisdom says,
"Enlightenment and ignorance are not different things, not separate
things. To understand this is what is called the Middle Way."
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