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1 28th May 16:47
bruderhof web team
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Default Visiting Bruderhof Communities in Australia (image infinity women time cross)

Visiting Bruderhof Communities in Australia

Danthonia Bruderhof is a growing community of families and singles
located in Inverell, New South Wales. We seek to follow the teachings of
Jesus, and to “share all things in common” as the first Christians did.

In general, we encourage first-time visitors to come for a short stay -
overnight, or for a weekend. A longer visit (or an extension) can always
be arranged while you're with us.

If you are interested in visiting, please contact us in advance to work
out the details.

Danthonia Bruderhof
Glen Innes Rd
Inverell, NSW 2360
Tel: (02) 6723-2213
Fax: (02) 6273-2204

Articles of interest from the Australian Bruderhof webpage:

Life in the Blood by Toyohiko Kagawa
There are those who say that because God is love, he could not allow
punishment. But that is too easy. It is like saying that because God is
love, when you put water into a bag with a hole in it, the hole in the
bag won't matter! You must close up the hole!

The Better Righteousness by Eberhard Arnold
We are deceiving ourselves if we think that the old righteousness of
standing on our rights is the wiser conduct. Jesus compares anyone who
does this to a foolish man whose house, built on a poor foundation, must
collapse. Only he who hears and does Jesus' command can be compared to a
wise man who builds his house on a rock.

The Crucial Decision by Johann Christoph Arnold
We must take action by choosing which side we want. It's a decision we
will need to renew, but as long as we do that, we will remain either-or
people: men and women who are neither infallible nor perfect, but who,
because of our conviction, can never be faulted for indifference.

The Cross and the Cellar by Morton T. Kelsey
This destructiveness within us can seldom be transformed until we
squarely face it in ourselves. This confrontation often leads us into the
pit. The empty cross is planted there to remind us that suffering is real
but not the end, that victory still is possible if we strive on.

Two Ways of Reflection by Soren Kierkegaard
If someone lives in the midst of Christianity and enters, with knowledge
of the true idea of God, the house of God, the house of the true God, and
prays, but prays in untruth, and if someone lives in an idolatrous land
but prays with all the passion of infinity, although his eyes are resting
upon the image of an idol - where, then, is there more truth?

also visit...

More about visiting Bruderhof Communities in Australia can be found at:
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