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1 9th May 05:33
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Default Where will they go ? (anglican)

In South Africa the Anglican and RC rites are almost identical.

The only difference is one of ethos, which is not seen in the ritual or
ceremonial, but is more a matter of exture than anything else. The RC liturgy
is like Italian marble, cols, stauesque, institutional. Anglican liturgy is
like English sandstone, rougher, warmer.

Steve Hayes
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2 9th May 05:33
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Default Where will they go ? (thanksgiving)

I've not been to an RC service in some time maybe 4 years ago for my
nephew's first communion but as with most of the clergy I've heard in
the past I found the Prayer of Thanksgiving and Eucharistic Prayers
recited as though the priest was bored just muttering words, I've yet
to hear it this way at an Episcopal church. Of course, if people
re-align and attended an RC church, they will find much less a sense
of education, and learning simply attending church out of duty, and my
God, NO preaching. When I was active in my RC parish we didn't even
have coffee hour; all people had to do was wait in line to pick up
their brains when they left :P
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