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1 7th May 14:28
External User
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Default WYKYNGELOW GUNGNIR update for June (gungnir)

WYKYNGELOW GUNGNIR has been updated for June.
Read The High Plains Drifter at
and Spiritual Decay at

Michael Martin - HLF
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2 7th May 14:29
doug freyburger
External User
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Default WYKYNGELOW GUNGNIR update for June (catholic) writes:

A bit of moderator comment in a follow-up post -

I have not followed his links so I won't comment on the
content behind them.

Michael also responded in the thread on carrying weapons
and that post was rejected as blatantly off-topic. Rant
all you like about laws forbidding weapons, Michael. But
bash another religion and your posts get rejected. The
topic here is Asatru so please get over your Catholic
problem in your posts here.

Hail Asgard!
Doug Freyburger
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3 7th May 14:29
External User
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Default WYKYNGELOW GUNGNIR update for June (michael)

"Doug Freyburger" <> writes:

Hi Doug,
if my response to "carrying weapons" is considered to be off topic, so why
on earth wasn't the message that started that thread ruled as off topic as
Censorship breeds ignorance, and in particular when this censorship is
applied arbitrary!
Michael Martin - HLF
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4 7th May 14:29
doug freyburger
External User
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Default WYKYNGELOW GUNGNIR update for June (christian) writes:

The part of your response *about* carrying weapons was not
off topic but you chose to add off topic stuff about bashing
Catholics. Get over that already.

The rejection was not arbitrary. Read the charter again.
No bashing other religions. You wanna bash the Catholics
go do it in some group where that's on topic.

I know that you disagree that your Catholic bashing should
be on topic not off. Many heathens pass through an
anti-Christian phase and eventually get over it. Grow up
and grow out.

Hail Asgard!
Doug Freyburger
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5 7th May 23:47
External User
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Default WYKYNGELOW GUNGNIR update for June (christianity)

"Doug Freyburger" <> writes:

Hi Doug,
I am not only anti-Catholic, but I am opposed to all aspects of middle-
eastern fantasy religion. Did it ever occur to you that those middle-eastern
faiths may be directly responsible for the loss of civil rights and the
general decay western society is facing nowadays? I am definitely not going
through a phase here. I have conducted extensive research into the origin
and the purpose of Christianity and came to the conclusion that it is a
dangerous concept tailor-made to destroy our traditional folkways, community
standards, and culture. It's a vile poison which needs to be rendered

Michael Martin - HLF
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6 7th May 23:47
dirk bruere at neopax
External User
Posts: 1
Default WYKYNGELOW GUNGNIR update for June (religion)

That may well be true.
However, the way to do it is to talk to 'normal' people about this.
Here you are literally preaching to the converted.
We are not Xians and don't need the sermons.
That is one reason why Xianity, without direct reference/comparison
to/with Asatru is off topic.

As I said elsewhere, if you want to have a rant against any religion
*and* get it posted here it should be done in an Asatru context.

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7 7th May 23:48
doug freyburger
External User
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Default WYKYNGELOW GUNGNIR update for June (michael) writes:

Which is off-topic for SRA and which will get your posts
rejected and has gotten your posts rejected. If this
simply principle is beyond your intellectual capacity
there is little I can do to help.

Sure, and that's an Asatru tie-in. Free citizens vs
subjects. Focus on that and your posts do get approved.
Hey, funny how that works. On-topic material that does
not violate the charter. Comparing and contrasting

Too bad Michael. It's a sign of immaturity within a
faith to feel a need to bash some other faith. But
since the principles in the charter seem to be beyond
your kenn expect future rants of yours to be rejected
and future posts with Asatru relavancy to be accepted.
With you apparently not being able to tell the difference
as you write them.

Hail Asgard!
Doug Freyburger
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8 7th May 23:48
External User
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Default WYKYNGELOW GUNGNIR update for June (christians)

"Doug Freyburger" <> writes:

Norse had a stratified society with thralls, jarls and kings, among others.
The Christians, who like to go on about how they ended slavery, took damn
near 1900 years to generally conclude that it was an immoral idea. The
ancient Greeks of Athens who said many brave things about democracy went
home and had their slaves wash their togas.

Much as the sagas speak to me, there are aspects that I just wouldn't work
well with. Princes and kings and slaves and such. Bleah. So, Thor's my guy
in that regard.

Depends. If there was some faith whose specific tenets included enslaving
women and exterminating heathens (to take it to an extreme), I think it'd be
fair to keep up on it. And discussing that foreign faith would be relevant
on occaison, as it interacts with "our" society.

Of course, making a majority of your posts about it indicates a wee bit of
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9 9th May 07:14
dirk bruere
External User
Posts: 1
Default WYKYNGELOW GUNGNIR update for June

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10 9th May 08:30
seth breidbart
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Default WYKYNGELOW GUNGNIR update for June

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