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1 18th May 20:32
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Default biggest female leopard gecko... ever? (gecko)

I just had someone give me a near-100 gram female leopard gecko. Her
tail is HUGE!!!! Bigger than her abdomen! She's 9 inches long! I am
astounded!!! She even has the fatty blobs in her armpits!

AND she's never been exposed to a male... ahh, my little virgin!

She even had two perfect leopard spots on her head, like my only male
does (thanks to Jeff Wagner)... very tempting to attempt to propagate
a line!

Wish I had pictures. Perhaps someday I'll get the money together for
that 5 megapixel replacement camera we've been talking about...

"I think fr0glet has the market cornered in techniques for "feeling
up" your frog." -AD
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