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1 24th May 16:39
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Default Different genre of stupid iguanaowner interaction (iguana)

I go into his room, and he watches me like a hawk. I approach him and
he hopes to get banana. I hope he might be receptive to human contact.
So I very gently pet him along his side. He closes his eyes. I stop
petting and wait there for him to open them again. Minutes pass. He
opens them for a second, sees me, and closes them again. I run out of
patience. The game - repeat this twice per week forever.

The definition of insanity givin by one of the early great
ground-breaking psychologists said this "The definition of insanity is
repeatedly doing something to get an expected result, but not getting
the result, and continuing to do the behavior despite the fact that it
brings no wanted results".

My iguana game therefore proves I'm insane.



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