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1 7th December 11:07
laura pfister
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Default Dehydration in a tort (bearded dragon water dragon ball python corn snake melleri)

Hi Sohni: I bet I can tell which salads are for the spouse and kids and which are for the torts.....the tort's salads are made with the good (ie expensive greens) and the human versions are ice berg -tee hee! Thank you for the good advice. I have left over greens after making my daily bagged salads for my mom to feed Herc. I'll put them in tubs with a paper towel in the bottom. I hate to be wasteful, too!

I wish our Costco had good produce-it ALWAYS looks old and tired. I have been buying Herc's food at either Whole Foods or our local organic farmer's market.

Enjoy your trip as well! Laura

RTs. Many of the people on this list have kept RTs for a number of years,
often successfully breeding them, which is a good indication that things
are going right!

I've been buying mixed baby greens from Costco in those plastic tubs. I
hate to be so wasteful of plastic, even recycling it, so I use the tubs to
store my greens. When I go out of town on Monday, I'll leave several full
tubs for my husband. He just has to recognize which is human salad and
which is tort salad, hehe. I always put a folded paper towel in the bottom
to absorb excess moisture and keep things a little fresher. Sohni
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