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ann hentz 20th August 22:08

Garter Grub|T-Rex%20Garter%20Grub

Found it on this site, but ... it's out of stock.

You could try this link on the T-Rex site.

It gives a list of USA retailers by state. Just type in your state and click Go.

I occasionally find Garter Grub in pet stores. The stores in my area are SeaWorld, PetCo, and PetSmart. Not sure which ones I've seen it in, though.

heidi 20th August 22:53

Garter Grub
My petstore just said that T-rex won't be making it
for about a year. They had some problems with their
frozen food.

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electrokate1 20th August 22:54

Garter Grub
Dude, we have so many organically raised slugs here (: What are they
worth? Also have large snails. Thought about getting one of those
ringneck snakes just so I would have a reason to love the snails, but
now we are moving and I probably will end up in Hawaii where I can't
have any of my snakes.

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