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1 14th December 21:16
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Default How can I make my iguana happy? (bearded dragon ball python melleri iguana pogona)

.....and then, how can I *tell*?

I inherited my green guy several months ago, and I've got the basics
pretty well-covered: day temp, night temp, spectrum lights, yes
collards, no spinach, etc.

I can tell when he DOESN'T like something, he'll kink his tail or puff
himself up or scuttle off. But is there something I can do that he
would like, instead of hate or just tolerate? Can iguanas be played with?

About the closest thing to any of that, that I have seen, is if I pick
him up, he climbs until he's right on top of my head, and doesn't want
to leave.

Anyhow, thanks for any suggestions you can offer,
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