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1 9th November 23:24
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Default Kingsnake.....kingsnakes....That is pretty funny (kingsnake)

citing trademark infringement

That is pretty funny considering he does not own a trademark on the
name kingsnake. Ad in fact already pretty much got denied once.

I mean come on.....
once he owns the tradmark kingsnake.
Does this mean I can no longer own a kingsnake unless I name it
something different? Unless I name it queen snake? Does he also want
to trade mark the latin name for kingsnakes?

Kingsnake is a type of snake.

It is like applying for the trademark of Van or Station Wagon or SUV
or four door or two door.
those are all types of cars. They are descriptive of types of
Once I own the trademark......Jeff can no longer drive one unless he
calls it something different.....maybe he can call it the box thing on
four wheels.
Because if he calls it any of the aforementioned it means I can sue
him. It means I can take it away from him.

Maybe my understanding is elementary.....but Damn
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