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1 24th May 10:11
External User
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Default Update and observations (aka ramblings) (snake)

You may now all call me "Master Meredith" (or not).
I graduated on Friday and moved back to DC on Sunday. 12.5 hours from
Indiana to DC with snowstorms in the WV mountains. 9 degrees in DC
when we got in at midnight and started unloading the truck. But worth it all
to be home again (although I'll miss not locking my doors).

Now that I finally have all 4 PTS under the same roof and can compare them,
I begin to suspect that Olive is not a she, but a he. This would give me
2.1.1, instead of 1.2.1, which sounds ok, except they're the wrong colors.
My big plan was that Ripper (known male)and Olive (who have the same markings and
body type) would be a pair, and King (female) and the juvie with no name (who also
have similar colors and shape) would hang out until the *** of the juvie became
apparent and I could leave them be or find another male that looks like them.
Hmmm. But now I suspect that Ripper (who is living with King right now) and
Olive (living with the juvenile) are both males. Darn lizards! Didn't anyone
tell them I had plans?!?! <G> I suppose I shall just leave them as is
for awhile, until I'm certain about Olive.

So in all of my free time I've been checking out other herp forums.
It's been pretty interesting. Places like and seem to be almost entirely populated with children
saying things like "i got a new lisard and i dont no wut it is how do
i tak care of it help me plees". Faunaclassifieds seems to be a more
adult venue in age, but not so much in attitude. Although, they do
currently have an interesting thread about some guy who bought a hot King
Cobra and got a venomoid, and there is now speculation about
whether or not someone else ordered a venomoid and got a hot. That
would be an unpleasant surprise! Although, now that I think of it,
it sounds like fair turnaround for someone who is jackass enough to
buy a mutilated snake.
And then of course, there is KS which can be entertaining, but all
the truly fun threads get "moderated" out of existence in pretty
short order.

Am I biased, or are there no places other than r.p.h. that have grown-up
discussions about herps without a need for supervision other than the
supervision we give eachother?

OK. Rambling over. I now return you to your regularly programmed newsgroup.

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2 24th May 10:11
ryan edward
External User
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Default Update and observations (aka ramblings)



markings and

(who also






Master Meredith,
; )
I'm pretty much addicted to Fauna. You called it right, it seems like most
of the boards are inhabited by 12 year olds. I like the field forums too, of course this is an awesome arizona
forum. I can't think of any other off the top of my head, but theres good
reading on these two.
Congrats on graduation. I'll catch up to you in 5 or 6 years, I'm starting
about 8 years late.
Hey is your email address working ? I want too talk music with ya. Did you
ever get any Flying Burrito Bros ?
I'll try to email you.
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3 24th May 11:43
External User
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Default Update and observations (aka ramblings)

HOORAY MASTER MEREDITH!! Congrats on completion!

Brrrrrr. I've seen 32F three times already this winter! It's been
foggier than London around here... that's what we call a "white christmas".

I'm sure you WILL keep us updated, but of course now that you have
markings/size reference of the whole group, current picture demands
are in order.

Sometimes I like I go through spurts of enjoying it,
then forgetting about it. r.p.h I can't seem to let go of for any
length of time (or rather I don't want to!).

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4 24th May 11:44
External User
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Default Update and observations (aka ramblings)

Congratulations! Must feel good!

I'd like to see more photos of your skinks too. I wish I'd gotten some
before they stopped importing them. Now they're damned expensive. Or worse
than they were, anyway.

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5 24th May 11:44
External User
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Default Update and observations (aka ramblings)

I didn't see an email from you. Perhaps I missed it?
You can email me at mcwhitneatindianadotedu and I'll be
more likely to see it.

No, I still haven't gotten around to getting any Burrito
Bros. One day...

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6 24th May 11:44
External User
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Default Update and observations (aka ramblings)

Hey Cindy. Thanks alot. It does feel good. But it's
also strange to not have 17 things to do every minute.
Readjusting to life on the "outside" will take some time.
And I just heard that I didn't get the job I was applying for. Ah well.

I'll try to get more pics up sometime. I'm going on Tuesday
to talk to MD Custom Cages about building something nice
for them. Right now they're in crappy make-shift cages that
provide for their needs well enough, but look like shit.
Once they're in new homes I'm sure I'll go camera-crazy.

As for the prices - they have gotten high. I can't say
I'm sad to see it though. But I expect that very shortly
after Australia pulls out of the Solomons (which I hope
will be no time soon) that exportation will begin again
and prices will fall.
I've been really lucky in that I got my 1st PTS years ago
(Kurt was there, IIRC), and so paid very little. The other
3 I paid nothing for. Although, technically one is not
actually mine and is just on breeding loan from a friend.
His first baby will be given back to his breeder in trade,
then I'll own him.

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