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1 26th April 19:13
astro guru
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Default Michael Jackson: Insane Cadaver-Faced Pedophile-Extraordinaire!


Of all the celebrities who've let fame and fortune go
to their heads, Michael Jackson is in a class all his
own. This once mega-talented entertainer is virtually
guaranteed an insanity plea--complete with a personal
rubber-room and straitjacket for the rest of his life.
Can the prosecutor really want to try such a pathetic
creature for his chronic pedophilia in a court of law?

Here's a sick black man who is ashamed of being black,
ashamed of being a man and unable to distinguish left
from right, black from white, right from wrong. He is
certifiably insane. He doesn't know he is doing wrong
before, during or after he is doing it. That's insane.

Michael Joseph Jackson was born to Joseph & Katherine
Jackson at their Lake County home in the historically
black district of Gary Indiana at 2300 Jackson Street,
map coordinates 87W20:36 41N34:36, about 11:45 PM CDT:

| |*Moo 22Aqu49 | | |
| | | | |
| MLi 27Pis02 | | | For 1Sag14 |
|/OLi 29Pis01 | | | |
| | Astrolog 5.41G chart | |
| | Michael Jackson -24.2132813 | Sat 24Sco55 |
| Mar 27Ari54 | Fri Aug 29 1958 11:45:00pm | Des 20Sco30 |
| | Gary, IN (US) | Esp 9Sco47 |
<1>29Ari56[2]--|DT -06:00, 87W20:36 41N34:36|--[8]29Lib56<7>
| |UT: 4:45:00, Sid.T: 21:27:07| |
| Ald 15Tau00 | Terrestrial Houses | Ver 13Lib30 |
| Asc 20Tau30 | Caelestial / Geocentric | Nep 8Lib22 |
| | Julian Day = 2436445.6979 | Jup 4Lib21 |
| | Ura 19Can18 | | Nod 28Vir51r/|
| | Ven 23Can04 | Sun 12Leo06 | |
| | | Plu 7Leo58 | |
| | | Mer 1Leo08r | |

-adjudicated by Daniel Joseph Min 30 Nov 2003

*Min's Home Page On The World Wide Web (final update):

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2 27th April 20:05
mr. 4x
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Default Mean: Kook Extraordinaire!

Of all the ****heads on Usenet, Daniel Joseph Mean is in a class all his
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3 27th April 20:06
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Default Michael Jackson: Insane Cadaver-Faced Pedophile-Extraordinaire!

Why, aside from the molestation charges, wouldn't he fit in with just about
every other attention-starved, talent-lacking celebrity who learned they
could generate popularity by being controversial, rather than producing
credible work?

Pedophilia is a criminal act. Prosecuting such an individual is the ONLY
legal way of making sure he doesn't do it again. If he's "insane", he'll be
remanded to a hospital or similar facility that can care for him. If he's
not "insane", then he'll stand trial, and face prison time.

Just because his race matters to him, why do you feel the need to refer to
Pedophilia isn't a racial condition, neither is homo***uality, so why regard
him by race?
Are you one of those racist morons?

What's the purpose of the map coordinates?
Do you suggest people stalk him?
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4 28th April 15:28
astro guru
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Default Michael Jackson: Insane Cadaver-Faced Pedophile-Extraordinaire!


Poor soul. You're obviously going through the five

3 Bargaining, 4 Depression, 5 Acceptance. You have
recently lost a "loved one" to wit Michael Jackson,
a person you've held in very high regard for years.
This troubled individual has been headed down-hill
for two decades since his glorious "thriller" days,
and now his rapidly declining fan base is grieving
over the public exposure of his crimes against the
very children he was supposed to be helping. Hence,
you're just getting started with stage one and two,
denial and anger. The latter stages will come soon
enough. It's like the great John Donne (1572-1631)
wrote "for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee".
Jacko got caught with his pants down. Deal with it. "carlp" wrote:

"...Yes, he has been trying to comfort him-
self with these suppositions; but he had
found all in vain. All in vain; because
Death, in approaching him, had stalked
with his black shadow before him, and
enveloped the victim. And it was the
mornful influence of the unperceived
shadow that caused him to feel -- al-
though he neither saw nor heard -- to
feel the presence of my head within the
room...." --Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1849)

My Condolences,
Daniel Joseph Min

*Min's Home Page On The World Wide Web (final update):

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5 6th May 00:57
External User
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Default Michael Jackson: Insane Cadaver-Faced Pedophile-Extraordinaire!

On 30 Nov 2003 06:11:40 +0100, Astro Guru <astro.gvrv@olympvs.zevs>

Q: Whats the similarity between Michael Jackson and whiskey?
A: They both come in tots

Q: Why was Micahel Jackson's last ablum called BAD?
A: Coz he couldn't spell PATHETIC.

Q: Did you hear that Macdonalds to produce a new burger called the
MacJackson? A: Its 35 year old meat placed between two 8 year old

Q: How does Michael Jackson know when its bedtime?
A: When the big hand touches the little hand.

Q. What's the worst stain to try and remove from a little boy's
underpants? A. Michael Jackson's makeup.

Q. What's the difference between Michael Jackson and a grocery bag?
A. One is plastic and harmful to children, the other is used to
carry groceries.

Q. What does Michael Jackson reminisce about?
A. Blowing his first nose.

Q. Who is the greatest person ever?
A. Michael Jackson - he was born a poor black boy in Gary, indiana
and grew up to become a rich white woman in Europe.

Q: Why are Michael Jackson's pants so small?
A: Because they aren't his

Q. Why does Michael Jackson like children so much?
A. He knows how they feel

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