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1 28th September 21:19
inger e johansson
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Default moorings

mooringsstones have been found all way down to Minnesota. the type of hole
is a specific type of hole and today there are four scholars working with
them from different angles. Some of the stones have remains in it which are
to be ****ysed for the second and third metal. Some of the stones don't have
remains in them but are able to be shown to belong to the system. A careful
study where GPS readings for all known mooringholes in Red River will be
presented in a book. Computer ****yses of the moorings, waterlevels and
other information from the past will be presented then. OBS I am not
involved neither in the studies nor in the book but I have had pre-articles
sent to me to forward.

Inger E

"Tom McDonald" <> skrev i meddelandet
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