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1 28th September 00:18
perplexed in peoria
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Default Issues: A Question Of Integrity (was: Issues)


I'm not sure how familiar you are with Ohm's law, but it is a law of
electricity usually written as V = IR.
V is voltage
I is current
R is resistance.

Current is something that is actually transferred, and in a particular
direction. Or rather, we call the current positive if it is in one
direction, and we call it negative if it is in the other direction.

On the other side of the equation, voltage is not really a transfer,
but it does have a direction and can be positive or negative.

Resistance is always positive.

Of course, a transformed (but still correct) version of Ohm's law
could be written as -V = -IR.

Would you say that the current is flowing in the opposite direction
within the transformed Ohm's law? Would you say that this "thought
experiment" proves that Ohm worked for Enron? His current accounting
is obviously fouled up?

John, your reasoning on this "rule-in-the-mirror" thing is totally
screwy. If you would just step back and apply the same reasoning to
some other situations where your emotions are not so involved, you
would see that THIS objection to Hamilton is baseless. Attack Hamilton
on some other front. Stop attacking based on math and logic. If there
is something wrong with Hamilton's rule, it is not going to be something
simple like screwed up accounting.
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