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1 28th September 00:18
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Default Regular Posting: Welcome to!

Welcome to

This group is intended for the discussion of all matters
pertaining to evolutionary biology. Questions, answers,
comments, references, book reviews, even the occasional job
opening, are welcome. All posts dealing with creation/evolution
controversies, however, will be returned to the authors with
the recommendation that they be submitted to the robomoderated
newsgroup Articles of no relevance to evolutionary
biology will also be returned to the author.

Spam will be deleted silently.

Rejected articles submitted from bogus email addresses will,
of course, not be returned.

The submission address for posts to THIS group is:

If your newsreader software is reasonably intelligent, simply
posting to this group should automatically send your post to
that address. Please do not send posts to my personal mailbox
( as the posting process is largely automated
and works only for the submission address given above.

If you have questions on moderation policy, however, please do
feel free to send mail to,
and I will do what I can to address your concerns. Similarly, if
you are finding that posting in the standard way is not working,
feel free to drop me a line and we'll see if we can figure out
the problem.

There is a rudimentary home page for Comments and contributions
to the page are welcome! Those with questions that may well be of
the "frequently asked" variety may wish to visit the
archive, at, where there is an excellent
collection of FAQ files.

Thank you for your participation.

Josh Hayes, moderator,
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