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1 13th April 20:07
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Default Call for questions

&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&
Here are some platie-questions from TL for plate tectonics to answer.
Anybody got any more? What about, if anyone feels like answering them
and just to keep track, they start a new thread called "Question 1"
(or 2, 7, etc.) and refer to this question page.
&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&

Here are some of the questions
that Plate Tectonics still has to answer, remember, this is by no
means a
complete list.

1) Initially, does the spreading ridge spread due to upwelling, or
does it
spread because gravity is pulling at the denser albeit farther away
subducted plates.

2) If the plates are being pulled, why then does the North American
continue to move West (relative), and why does the Indian subcontinent
continue to be pushed into the Eurasian Plate?

3) If the plates are being pushed, how is it that such a thin section
such a long distance produce enough force to subduct the Pacific Plate
thickest in the world) under another oceanic plate (the Philippine Sea

4) Why are the basin and range of North America, and the Great Rift of
Africa forming when there does not appear to be a triple junction near
I know there are theories, fellow Geologists, I'm just giving him some
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2 14th April 18:57
robert ehrlich
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Default Call for questions

Sadly you are missing the point. Your questions are either irrelevant
or have long been either obsolete or purile. I myself would love to
find a big flaw in plate tectonics, announce it to the world in a
refereed Journal and then be showered with acclaim, prizes and enhanced
*** appeal. Would make for a bit of fun and a lot of activity by lots
of earth scientists to test the new paradigm. Kind of a welfare program
for academia. But alas not yet.
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3 14th April 18:58
j. taylor
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Default Call for questions

If you do not have answers to the question, they are irrelevant,
obsolete, or puerile, how?

This is just more smoke from Robert!

It will not happen the way you think. JT
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4 14th April 18:59
External User
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Default Call for questions

Doesn't work that way Bob (if you hadn't noticed.) You're witnessing
what happens when somebody *does. (though I agree with you about the
welfare for academia.) You don't get credits for going against the
grain - in *any* field.

The questions are not mine either. Hey, ...TL, Bob here (if he could
read) thinks your questions are puerile. Have a word with him and he
might (just might) explain something about plate tectonics to you.
(This is where we find out what he knows (as against what he thinks he
does. You pick him up. You know far more about this stuff than me.)

Bob, ...we're looking for any question *you* might have about plate
tectonics that still niggle you. Surely it's not **ALL** cut and
dried? The thread was not a BASHDON op. Play the ball on the Park.
And it's not my head. My head's on my web page. If you feel like
commenting on any point on my site you get top spot on an accompanying
comments page.

By the way, if you want to go back a while, and talk about "obsolete",
maybe you could help Telly with a question I *did* ask him, which was,
when was it that Fred J. Vine's comment about subduction being just an
assumption (and John Dennis chipped in with "convenient"), became
obsolete? What was it that overtook these definitive people,
restructured their argument, and subduction and convection became
'fact' (instead of the "convenient assumption" - that turns plate
tectonics automatically into Junk Science - and massive academic
welfare fraud)?

It would also help if physicists could do something similar, and
address the issue from their side. ("What if, ...the Earth, *Has*
got bigger"; what if there *was* no Tethys, Panthalassa?)
What then?

There are no credits for kicking consensus in the teeth. Don't kid
yourself. There's a debate going on here, and it would be nice to
lift the tone of it by addressing the issues, instead of me. How
about it (Helping Telly)

....."Call for questions from the PT side"... For PT gurus to
(C'mon Platies, Roll up, ...have your shoelaces untied here - and your
wee buttons reset.) Ask them. Don't put up with the 'sophomore'

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5 15th April 15:51
External User
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Default Call for questions

I fine it interesting that TL asked you these questions in relation to EE,
and asked you to answer them. Your answer appears to be that you don't
know, since you have come to the rest of us to answer the questions for you.
That's a cheap shot, dude.
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6 15th April 15:52
External User
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Default Call for questions

For Goodness sake George, are you dyslexic or what? If I didn't think
from your previous postings you just might be, I'd swear at you! In
an earlier post TL made reference to questions that plate tectonics
needed to answer. I said it would be good if he would list them. He
didn't respond. In this post I made reference to that, and said to
him to ask you and Stuart for an answer. He said he wouldn't bother
STILL HAS TO ANSWER, ... remember, this is by no means a complete list."

Why the Hell do you think he would be asking me to answer them? Do
you think he think's I'm an expert on plate tectonics? The poor guy
wants set right! I'm pretty voluble about what's *wrong with it, but
I don't know the first thing about what's *right about it. Why do you
think he would be asking me? For goodness sake get your marbles into
gear! (and stop casting aspersions around!) The questions are for
**YOU** to answer, and anyone else who thinks they can set him right.

You really excel yourself sometimes (most times) the way you dance
around and fall over! Your feet are as dyslexic as your mind!

Anyhow, have **you** got a question for the pool? ...something about
plate tectonics that strikes you as iffy? Don't answer this for two
days, then concentrate hard, right?
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7 15th April 15:52
External User
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Default Call for questions

news:<OpOLb.9734$>. ..


Because he WAS asking YOU. He wanted you to answer them. The point is that
if you don't know the answer to those questions, then how in the hell can
you make a proper assessment of plate tectonics at all? It goes to your
credibility, and is the reason why people think you are a pseudo-scientist
when you denigrate plate tectonics instead of providing real hard data that
EE actually occurs. If you don't understand Plate Tectonics, how can you
possibly tell anyone that it is wrong, and expect anyone to believe you?
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8 15th April 15:53
External User
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Default Call for questions


I think these questions from TL are dammed interesting and show the
limitations indeed of the PT theories... especially question 3 really makes
it, and shows the impropriation of that approach, all the more since PT is
seen as the cause of Orogenesis and Quakes generation. What a laugh really
for a True Geologist !

Robert comments are quite interesting as well, since they demonstrate that
for the Orthodox ( and Robert is a Pharisee indeed ) everything is set and
packed. Naïvely though he feels that if he would come up with some new views
on the bloody thing, he would be acclaimed by the Oxford & ANU blokes as the
Messiah ( Iashoud ) ! Robert ! Mon pauvre Robert ! Haven't you understood
that they don't want anyone to rock that boat ? Everything is in balance and
Don has described it magisterially with his parabola of the Platies vs
Pteros ! ... and J Taylor remarks are indeed appropriate in this regard !
Coming with something new in this fields is akin to place yourself in the
Death Row !

Now the problem in all that is Georges ! Georges the saboteur, who
represents on sci.geo.geology the Inquisitor, whose sight is set on the
horizon of the Platiefish ( cf Sir Don Findlay 's tale ) and considers
himself as the Head *Congregation of the Gogologiical Faith" ! The one
whose duty is to stop any heretic drift challenging the Authority of the
Oxford Bullocks and the ANU Emus ! Georges, are you a mole of those
definitive frauds !

Please tell us in the contrary, and if not leave a True Geologist set up the
tune of a decent exchange


"don findlay" <> a écrit dans le message de om...

&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&

&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&
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9 16th April 12:07
External User
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Default Call for questions

People can work out the degree of pseudoscience (and my credibility)
of each directly from my website. You lot have already made your
inquisitorial position clear. Put it this way. If I expound these
answers for the benefit of TL here, know, do websearches all
over and get it all off pat, and then turn around and tell you it's
all rubbish, would you believe me? Would that make me believable?
Would you kow-tow to my 'credibility'? It's that what you're looking
for? Somone who is an authority on plate tectonics to pass an edict
that he's been wrong all his life, ...been leading you up the garden

Rocket-logic,'re full of it.

Anyhow you're missing the point. We're making a list of questions.
Do you have any?
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10 16th April 12:07
External User
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Default Call for questions

(I don't know if this will post: I keep getting post failure messages
from google. (Anyone else??)

They're just waiting for an **EDICT** , a *MEA CULPA** from that
geezer in the chair at the rear, ...the one piling up all the empties
in the moonlight with his guard dogs sneaking around... to say that
he's had a revelation from God that there's a new face on plate
tectonics that they're all going to have to apy attention to, ...and
he's giving up his front seat to heaven for his sins in misleading
them all this time, and he's now going on a sackcloth and ashes
pilgrimmage for the rest of his life. But I don't think they're
holding they're breath....
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