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1 24th April 13:27
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Default GIS ALL - VMAP 5.21, arcgis 8.3 erdas 8.6 mapinfo 7.5, Surveying ALL,GPS streets and maps

GIS ALL - VMAP 5.21, arcgis 8.3 erdas 8.6 mapinfo 7.5, Surveying ALL,
GPS streets and maps

PCI GEOMATICA V9.0 - PCI GEOMATICS [6 CDs], Esri ArcGIS Desktop v 8.3 [3
CDs],ArcGIS Workstation v8.3 [2 CDs], MapObjects Java Edition v2.0, ARC
SDE V8.3 Client, ARC SDE V8.3 for Coverages, ARC SDE V8.3 For DB2, ARC
SDE V8.3 For Oracle 8i, ARC SDE V8.3 Informix, Deneba Canvas 9 Pro GIS
Scientific Ed., MAPPOINT V2004 [2 CDs], ERDAS IMAGINE V8.6 (c) LEICA
GEOSYSTEMS [5 CDs], ERDAS STEREO ****YST 1.3, Intergraph Geomedia
Professional v5.1, - new !


Packaged @: DECEMBER 2003
xx+xx+xx+xx+xx+xx*15MB :...Number of Disks
WINDOWS :..Operating System
Dongle :.Serial/Protection

Product Description

Introducing the new Geomatica 9, the most complete all-in-one geospatial

software solution for Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry, GIS, and
No other geomatics software solution has the built-in capabilities to
your organization's geomatics processing needs and increase
productivity like
Geomatica 9. And no other geomatics software solution makes integrated
geomatics seem so easy.

New Features!

- Enhanced GIS Functionality – Powerful ****ytical and modeling tools
a comprehensive means of integrating GIS data into any workflow.

Features include:
* Full raster and vector integration
* On-screen digitizing with full topology
* Improved vector editing
* Intuitive and easy-to-use wizards
* Topological and multi-layer ****ysis
* Advanced querying and modeling
* Suitability mapping
* Facilitate decision making with statistics and reports

- Advanced Hyperspectral Processing – New capabilities provide
end-users with
the ability to better ****yze and view their hyperspectral data and
make it
easier for them to integrate it with other geospatial data.

Features include:
* Process and ****yze imagery with up to 1024 bands
* New image metadata support
* Geometric correction
* Noise removal
* Simple atmospheric correction
* Endmember selection
* Spectral Angle Mapper image classification
* Spectral unmixing
* Scatter and Spectra plotting
* Spectral mixing
* Visualization operations
* Support for spectra libraries
* Exclusive Vector Quantization image compression

- Exclusive Pan Sharpening – Enhance the visual information found in
multii-spectral imagery by fusing it with the detailed spatial
found in panchromatic imagery.

Features include:
* Easy-to-use single step process
* Made for the new generation of high-resolution satellites, but
all sensors
* Algorithm developed by Dr. Yun Zhang, University of New Brunswick

- Improved Atmospheric Correction – Radiometrically correct satellite
utilizing the latest ATCOR technology.

Features include:
* ATCOR2 – spatially-adaptive fast atmospheric correction for flat
* ATCOR3 – created to work with rugged terrain, utilizing a Digital
Elevation Model (DEM)

- New Generic Database (GDB) Technology – Support for the latest file

Features include:
* ESRI GeoDatabase
* ESRI Binary Grid
* JPEG 2000

- New OrthoEngine Technology – OrthoEngine is a powerful
photogrammetric tool
designed to handle small and large production workloads to
produce quality geospatial products.

Features include:
* Enhanced viewer
* Improved rational functions (RPC) model
* Improved automatic tie point collection
* Enhanced satellite model block adjustment
* Improved DEM extraction tools
* New batch epipolar image generation
* New export options for 3D feature extraction
* Rejoining (stitching) image tiles
* Multiple file selection
* Improved color balancing
* New user do***entation

- New Sensor Support – Support for the latest sensors.

Features include:
* EO-1
* SPOT 5

- Enhanced Usability – No other geomatics software solution makes
geomatics so easy.

Features include:
* Improved graphical user interface
* Easy-to-use wizards
* Better do***entation and online help

If you have Googled your butt off, and haven't come up with anything
...., and for 14,000 more reasons, please send e-mail,,,,

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