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1 16th November 13:04
brian a m stuckless
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Default SI kilogram="mass" matter definition.

$$ "OTHERwise in-vacu" error-bars.
$$ RELATiViSTiC mass m (ABSORBED measured), is scalar = E/c^2.
$$ RELATiViSTiC mass has MOST to do with "in vacu" Ambient RESiDUE.
$$ RELATiViSTiC gamma = Sqrt(1 - 1/Ambiance^2) "OTHERwise in-vacu".
$$ Say WHAT about GR SPACE co-ordinate SYSTEMs of a POiNT on a line:
$$ The co-ordinate systen isN'T the GEOMETRY, the GR POiNT is ..duh.
$$ The only PRiOR geometry GR had (..for a POiNT at the end of it's
$$ GR-WORLD-line) was CUT OFF, having DECLARED "No PRiOR geometry".
Re: [Gamma = Sqrt{1-(Amu's/(Residual Ambience COUNT in "vacu")^2}].
Re: [There's No mass, No matter and No momentum, in GEOMETRY, duh].
Re: POiNT is, the co-ordinate system isN'T GR GEOMETRY, a POiNT is.
Re: A GR POiNT-surface is so BiG's locally FLAT at-a-DiSTANCE.
Re: FAQ - (the heretic's version).
$$ You are "OFF-the-WALL (cracked)" if you disagree with THiS note.
|> If the object is *at rest* in your frame: E = m*c^2.
$$ If the object is *at rest* in your frame: m = E/c^2.
$$ ALL Non-GR is reverted BACK to a GENERAL-REST-"mass" definition.
$$ [Any QUANTiTY that CAN be expressed in SI "kilograms" = "mass"].
Re: ANY flux formula. Message-ID: <>.
Re: SI kilogram="mass" matter definition.
$$ You're a VERY cracked-pot.```Brian A M Stuckless, Ph.T (Tivity).
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