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1 7th August 05:17
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Default Simplest MatLab-oid Belousov Zhabotinsky Model

I was trying to show a really bright HS kid who wants to major in math
about the BZ equation. I remember I was a senior in control theory when the
professor showed us a movie of this blue-red kaleidoscope. I thought it was
really cool and I'd think it would be nice to show. I just gave me a feel
and motivation for ODEs that was incredible.

Part of the problem is most of the models online (eg oregonator) are too
complicated. I'd like a small and compact m-file (no .mdl or .mex or
simulink) as uncomplicated as possible.. so they can be tweaked
comprehensibly (prolly with . Anyone have a really simple model
that can keep changing on screen?

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