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1 28th December 08:36
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Default the most serious bug ever found. Will crash the PC. DO NOT TRY WITHOUT BACKUP

I have discovered what I think is the most serious strange bug in
mma. I hope the expert Vladimir can verify this.

I hit on this when I wanted to copy/paste some expression from a
maple output to mma so I can edit it and try the expression on mma
(was lazy to type the whole expression in mma syntax and wanted
to save some typing).

---- bug report -----------------

MATHEMATICA 5.0, student version, running on XP home edition on
an intel PC.

Result: MATHEMATICA freezes, causing PC memory exhaustion.
Page file fills up. PC runs out of memory. PC freezes. disk goes
crazy spiining. Unable to kill MATHEMATICA process. Unable to
shut down PC. Had to power off PC to recover.

Reproducible: Yes, every time.

Steps to reproduce:


do not attempt these steps before saving all
your data on your PC and complete backup. This bug is sever.
MATHEMATICA will completely lock your PC and you will not be
able to use the PC or even shut it down or even kill the
MATHEMATICA process at all after step 6 below.

This point of this bug is that certain data when pasted into
MATHEMATICA cell (open window) will cause MATHEMATICA to eat
all memory on the PC.

1. open MATHEMATICA in GUI mode (not kernel)
2. open maple (I used classical mode)
3. in maple, type
4. select one line of data from the help window page that
opens up (any data from that page will do. Even one word,
or any line or part of line). And copy the data into the
window buffer i.e. do ^C
5. Now click on the MATHEMATICA window and paste data into
the MATHEMATICA cell. I.e. do ^V
6. Now MATHEMATICA will freeze immediately. will not respond.

Note: You must cut/paste the data as shown. For example, if
you paste the data into word do***ent first, and then paste
the same data into MATHEMATICA cell window, then the problem
will not show up. The data from maple help page must be copied
and pasted directly into MATHEMATICA for this bug to show up.

(PS, after writing this bug report, I have used an automated
tool to change the word "mma" to MATHEMATICA everywhere).
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2 28th December 08:36
External User
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Default the most serious bug ever found. Will crash the PC. DO NOT TRY WITHOUT BACKUP

Hmmm, how long have you been using Mathematica? I've seen a few
"entertaining" problems over the years :-)

There's actually (slight) chance that it's a Maple bug even if it's
Mahtematica that goes berserk. Depending on how Maple leaves the
information on the clipboard, it's possible that some Maple code is
getting invoked when Mathematica asks for it from the clipboard (if
I remember my Windows programming correctly).

It might be interesting to get a 3rd-party clipboard-viewer applicaiton
that will tell you exactly what form the data currently on the clipboard
is in and look at it after copying the data from Maple.

In any case is it surprising that when you brought Maple and Mathematica
together that the result was an annhilation? You're lucky the resulting
radiation didn't wipe out all life in a one mile radius :-)

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