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1 10th June 16:10
External User
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Default Instead of Digiwx... how about Digi$H*T

Instead of Digiwx... how about Digi$H*T

Date: 3/8/2005 8:25:02 PM

In the Travel forum on this webpage under Subject

forget "digi-bravo" --- how about "digi-crap"

Digiwx is an AWOS wannabe, they are light years
from being where they need to be

One reason to buy digiwx: 1) certified barometer

Ten reasons to NOT buy digiwx:

1) no certifed wind speed
2) no certified wind direction
3) no certified temperature
4) no certified dewpoint
5) no certified density altitude
6) no certified visibility
7) no certified precipitation measurement
8) no certified precipitation discriminator
9) no certified ceiling measurement
10) no certified lightning detection

Here are some other AWOS choices: made the
visibility sensor on the ASOS,
but it's at least 20 years old.

Date: 3/8/2005 8:27:59 PM

It was hard to believe that there are 10 non-certified
weather sensors found on a Digiwx, so I have been
doing some checking and re-checking!

Digiwx is nothing more than a FAA approved dual

Big deal!

Belfort is working on a FAA approved visibility
measurement sensor, but they still don't have one!

The Digiwx system is cheap, around $40K. But does one
really need to pay $40K for a FAA dual barometer?

I think not!

Why didn't Belfort get the other 10 weather sensors
approved by the FAA? It makes you wonder what
reliability you get if Digiwx spits out wind direction
or temperature or whatever!

Personally I wouldn't waste any more time, and nor
should you, on possibly purchasing a Digiwx.
Superunicom appears to be in the same boat as Belfort
except that they have a FAA approved visibility
measurment sensor.

There are other weather systems available which are
FAA approved from start to finish. They include:

If I got any of my facts wrong, then by all means, I
apologize! And please feel free to post any
corrections. But I really think I got it all right!

Author: Gary
Date: 3/15/2005 3:29:50 PM

SuperUnicom's AWOS is known as SuperAWOS
and it too, is a real piece of doodee!

SuperAWOS also goes for ~$60K


You can nearly buy a full blown AWOS
from Vaisala for that much!

DigiWx can be had for around ~$40K so it is
somewhat of a bargain compared to SuperAWOS

In my mind SuperUnicom's SuperAWOS is Super$H*T

Don't waste your time (or money) on it!!!!

Author: - E-Mail Address
Date: 10/21/2005 2:49:17 PM

Well, the same things could be voiced about Belfort's
Digiwx system which now uses "mic clicks" versus
Digiwx voice-recognition which was a miserable and
total failure. You can find the remnants of that
complete failure at Ocean City, NJ; Driggs ID and
Huntington, UT. Chiefly, Digiwx:

1) claims to be adaptive but ISN'T
2) doesn't enhance safety of flight operations
3) has a radio check feature that no one can activate
4) ties up your unicom frequency when you need it most
5) has been characterized as "a hazard and a piece of
6) the manufacturer (Belfort) promises to fix the
on-going complaints and then does NOTHING!

And regarding which company is unscrupulous and
disingenous, I hereby nominate and proclaim Belfort
Instruments as that company. Belfort has been sporting
Digiwx tee-shirts which claim "The Wright Brothers
Relied On Us." Other than Belfort's wild assertion,
there is no written record to do***ent this alleged

None, nadda, didn't happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In fact, the Wright Brothers wrote extensively about
using a Richard's handheld anemometer which was
French-made; not American made as Belfort would have
you believe. Visit and search
for "Richard's anemometer" and see for yourself.

Digiwx does offer a cheaper price for an AWOS but be
forewarned, you get what you pay for.

Buy CRAP and you'll have CRAP!
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2 10th June 16:10
larry dighera
External User
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Default Instead of Digiwx... how about Digi$H*T

Was it Gary Zeigler whose e-mail address is
Changes in the Vaisala Wind Profiler Business Unit

Mr. George Frederick, Wind Profiler Business Unit Manager, and Mr.
Gary Zeigler, Wind Profiler Operations Manager, will be retiring
from Vaisala at the end of summer 2005. George and Gary will both
continue to work for Vaisala in a consulting capacity. Beginning
July 1st, George will assume the role of Strategic Development
Manager and Gary will assume the role of Project Manager. We wish
George and Gary continued success in their new roles
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3 19th June 09:09
External User
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Default Instead of Digiwx... how about Digi$H*T

Why go with a follower when you choose from
among the Leaders in AWOS weather systems like:

These three vendors have AWOS weather systems
which have been "commissioned" by the FAA. Not
every company can say that.... so do YOUR
homework! Or you'll be sorry....


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4 20th June 04:54
External User
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Default Instead of Digiwx... how about Digi$H*T

The Wright Brothers Relied exclusively on a
Richard's Anemometer to record wind speed and
direction. Here is a history do***enting the
definitive proof including a picture of Wilbur
Wright actually using Richard's anemometer.

THE HISTORY: Octave Chanute responded to
Wilbur's letter on May 12th, 1901. He suggested
that Wilbur specify whether he wanted to use the
English [Robinson, a cup type] or French
anemometer [Richard of Paris, a rotating vane
type] at the appropriate time. [An anemometer is
an instrument used to determine the wind's
speed. The English anemometer is a Robinson
anemometer, a cup type. The French anemometer is
by Richard of Paris and is a rotating vane type.]

Dayton, Ohio, May 17, 1901

As to anemometer we are inclined to think that
we would prefer the nonrecording Richard's
instrument as our chief use for it will be
measuring velocities for very brief periods.

The Wrights borrowed this French-made, hand-held
anemometer from Octave Chanute and used it to
measure wind speeds during their flight tests at
Kitty Hawk.

An anemometer, or wind gauge, is an instrument
for measuring the force and speed of wind. The
earliest anemometer was invented by Thomas
Romney Robinson (1793 - 1882). This gauge uses
an arrangement of cups on a spindle to detect
the wind and a series of clockwork connections
to translate the speed of the rotating cups to a
wind speed value. Octave Chanute, the Wright's
French colleague, brought them a later
anemometer made by Richard of Paris.


We had a "Richard" hand anemometer with which we
measured the velocity of the wind. Measurements
made just before starting the first flight
(December 17, 1903) showed velocities of 11 to
12 meters per second, or 24 to 27 miles per
hour. Measurements made just before the last
flight (December 17, 1903) gave between 9 and 10
meters per second. One made just after showed a
little over 8 meters.


How about this blog:
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5 20th June 22:32
External User
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Default Instead of Digiwx... how about Digi$H*T

Having FAA certification should be mandatory! I cannot believe that
Belfort Instruments is out there selling units that are not certified!
Who would want anything that hasn't been scrutinized! Are we supposed
to be led to the slaughter blindly by such inaction?

I'll stick with certified units!!!!
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6 21st June 15:35
External User
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Default Instead of Digiwx... how about Digi$H*T

Belfort Instrument President Mark Decker gave me a DigiWx tee-shirt
this past summer at the SATS demo in Danville, Virginia and it reads:

"The Wright Brothers relied on us. December 17, 1903, Wind NE at 21

"We had a 'Richard' hand anemometer with which we measured the velocity

of the wind. Measurements made just before starting the first flight
showed velocities of 11 to 12 meters per second, or 24 to 27 miles per
hour. Measurements made just before the last flight gave between 9 and
meters per second. One made just after showed a little over 8 meters."

And then there is that indisputable picture:


You won't find a picture of the Belfort/Friez weather station (circa
1897-1913) with the Wright Brothers in the background or the foreground

because there isn't one! In fact, there is no direct evidence (written
or otherwise) that Belfort or Friez ever had a weather station at Kitty

Hawk, NC in December 1903. And there is no direct evidence (written or
otherwise) that the US Weather Bureau ever bought the Belfort/Friez
weather station and placed it in use on the outer banks of North

The Wright Brothers chose the outer banks of North Carolina for three

1) they needed a large open space to conduct their flight experiments
2) they needed a soft landing environment which "beach sand" provided,
and 3) they needed steady winds which all beaches usually have.

Additionally, Belfort claims to have been founded in 1876. Yet, Julien
Friez never made it to Baltimore until at least 1890 according to:

"Julien Pierre Friez (1852-1916) was born in France and came to the
United States at the age of 15. He worked with Robert Henning in
Illinois on telegraphy equipment, circa 1868; later he was a foreman
Ottomar Mergentheler, circa 1880-1890. After leaving Mergentheler,
Friez moved to Baltimore where he set up Belfort Laboratories and began
manufacture of scientific instruments. He later acquired an interest in

meteorology and did important work on the design and manufacture of
meteorological recording instruments."

Lastly, Belfort claims to be "The Oldest Weather Company in the World"
yet the earliest anemometer was invented by Thomas Romney Robinson
(1793 - 1882). Mr. Robinson invented his anemometer in 1846 before
Julian Friez even was born six years later in 1852. I think that makes
Robinson the creator of "The Oldest Weather Company in the World."

How disingenuous can a company get ?????????????????????????

Belfort Instrument Company is FULL OF IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Too bad they had to "hijack" their fabled company history while taking
away from the accomplishments and endeavors of the Wright Brothers
and from Thomas Romney Robinson!

HOW LOW CAN YOU GO ??????????????????????????
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7 22nd June 08:40
External User
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Default Instead of Digiwx... how about Digi$H*T

I'm surprised Belfort Instrument Company hasn't yet claimed to have
been the "first" weather station on the moon considering all the other
fantastic assertions they have made.

And here is another:

Belfort Instrument Company DigiWx AWOS - Have any been commissioned by
the FAA - And if so, for how long will that last?

I was browsing the locations of DigiWx weather systems from Belfort's
homepage and wondered how many were actually commissioned by the FAA as
AWOS units. So I started at the beginning of the alphabet and then
started contacting the listed airports and it wasn't until I got to
letter "G" for Greenville airport that I finally found a DigiWx AWOS.
But as it turns out, there was a wicked twist.The first 9 listed
DigiWx's (A thru F) are not even AWOS units at all. Imagine that! Then
the next riveting revelation was that Belfort installed a DigiWx AWOS
at Greenville but the FAA has not yet commissioned the system. It seems
that Belfort has not yet gotten their in-house tech support manager
licensed by the FCC. I asked Greenville what happens if the tech
support manager loses his license or quits and moves on. They didn't
know. One would have to guess the AWOS would then fall out of
commission! Greenville told me that Lake in the Hills airport is in the

the FAA either! How can this be? Belfort Instrument Company claims to
have their DigiWx AWOS system FAA Approved yet there are none
commissioned by the FAA in the field (after I proceeded on down the
alphabet to end with William T. Piper Memorial airport). Isn't FAA
Approval and FAA commissioning the same thing? Why would anyone want
one of these non-commissioned systems sitting around on their airport
gathering dust?

And then there is the matter of which DigiWx locations are actually
online. On the Belfort homepage, they list hyperlinks for 10 of their
weather stations:

Baltimore Marine Center (BALTM), Baltimore, Maryland
Belen Alexander Airport (E80), Belen, New Mexico
Buckeye Airport (BXK), Buckeye, Arizona
Coral Creek Airport (FA54), Placida, FL (live web cam)
Greenville Airport (GRE), Greenville, Illinois
Moriarty Airport (0E0), Moriarty, New Mexico
Ocean City Airport (26N), Ocean City, New Jersey
Sandia Airpark (1N1), Edgewood, New Mexico (live web cam)
University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center (HMIEM), Baltimore, Maryland
William T. Piper Memorial Airport (LHV), Lock Haven, Pennsylvania

Try clicking one of the hyperlinks because fully half of the hyperlinks
display "Current Data NOT available" How reliable is that? Do you want
want at your airport? One has to wonder who has been "pulling the wool"
over the eyes of those at the listed airports? At this rate, Belfort
won't celebate a 110 year anniversary or a 130 year anniversary
depending upon whom you believe when Belfort claims their company was
founded in 1876 even though Julian Friez never made it to Baltimore
until at least 1890 to set up shop! If you haven't read that thread
yet, just follow this hyperlink:
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8 24th June 16:52
External User
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Default Instead of Digiwx... how about Digi$H*T

We were considering a DigiWx AWOS and a SuperAWOS. I was sold on DigiWx
AWOS until I started talking with DigiWx users who had the DigiWx VOICE
option including Huntington UT, Annapolis MD, Monticello UT and Ocean
City, NJ after I saw the comparison at SuperAWOS told me I
wouldn't find any happy users and I didn't!

All four airports report DigiWx VOICE as not working greater than 90%
of the time. I did hear one user say that DigiWx had mic clicks
available. But SuperAWOS say DigiWx mic clicks is not automatically
adaptive --- only manually adaptive which means there has to be
somebody available to alter the message length on an Automated Unicom

Considering all the other things I have been hearing about DigiWx and
the Belfort Instrument Company, I believe we will be pursuing the
SuperAWOS product instead even though it costs more. But like someone
already said, buy SHIT and you'll have SHIT! We don't want any DigiWx
turds around on our airport!
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9 25th June 14:27
External User
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Default Instead of Digiwx... how about Digi$H*T

In case you're new to these rec.aviation.* newsgroups, here are some

Mark Kukucka has been posting this anti-Belfort garbage for years.

Mark Kukucka was sued in Baltimore County Circuit Court for posting
these anti-Belfort rants.

(See the article in The Baltimore Record for more details.

Briefly, the suit said,

"A Baltimore manufacturer of weather instruments is suing a fired
employee it claims is on an anonymous Internet rampage.Belfort
Instrument says Mark A. Kukucka has been harassing current Belfort
employees via e-mail, calling the company's customers and partners
alleging unethical business practices, and posting trade secrets on
the Internet.Defendant Kukucka has an alarming history of engaging in
such 'anonymous' Internet attacks against those who he believes may
have slighted him (including past employers), and, absent a TRO, will
continue his historical pattern of making outrageous and harmful
attacks against the material business interests of Belfort Instrument,
reads Belfort's complaint, filed earlier this month in Baltimore
County Circuit Court."

It is safe to ignore all these anti-Belfort, anti-Shimadzu,
anti-Ryland, even anti-Baltimore Convention Center rants.

They aren't even entertaining any more ... they are just noise.
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10 26th June 03:13
External User
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Default Instead of Digiwx... how about Digi$H*T

Newsgroups:, rec.aviation.products, rec.aviation.piloting,
Date: 23 Dec 2005 19:56:48 -0800
Local: Fri, Dec 23 2005 10:56 pm
Subject: Scrooge: Christmas at Belfort Instruments

With everything that I have heard about Belfort, I would think people
should wonder who owns this company. Personally, I thought it was
SCROOGE. A search at revealed "No matches found"
for Belfort Instrument Inc. So the company must be privately-held.

A search at


Reissue Applications Notice - OG Date: 26 February 200226, 2001, Cl.
Owner of Record: Belfort Instrument, Inc., Baltimore, MD, ...

Then, a search at

UtiliPoint International, Inc.
Bruce R. Robinson Chairman. Mr. Robinson is the senior corporate
officer Responsible for strategic planning ... Bruce R. Robinson.
Contact Bruce
Robinson ... with a link to

Strategy Advisors ( include:
Mr. Robinson who has authored "Strategic Acquisitions: A Guide to
Growing and Enhancing the Value of Your Business, and QuickStrategy: A
Proven Method to Focus and Guide Your Business in Rapidly Changing

It makes one wonder if he reads his own books! If he had, he'd know
that Belfort Instruments is in the fast lane to nowhere!

Newsgroups: rec.aviation.products,, sci.geo.meteorology,
Date: 26 Dec 2005 18:29:15 -0800
Local: Mon, Dec 26 2005 9:29 pm
Subject: What is REALLY going on at Belfort Instument? Maybe this
information sheds some light on it!

When one does some researching on topics such as Belfort Instrument,
some interesting things are found! Thus, please take a look for
yourself, and see what you think! Sometimes things are different than
they would expect to appear!

Bruce R. Robinson says he
"co-owns two electronic instrument companies in addition to his
investment in UtiliPoint."

Nicholas C. Kaufman says he
"is co-owner of two small manufacturing companies."

Are Bruce R. Robinson and Nicholas C. Kaufman co-owners of the same two
companies? lists:


Are the Belfort Instrument Company and Gamma Scientific the two
companies that Bruce R. Robinson and Nicholas C. Kaufman co-own

Did Nick read the books that Bruce authored?

And then Guest Columnist Bruce R. Robinson writes:

"Ten wrong turns to avoid on the road to success"

So how many wrong turns has Belfort Instrument Company and Gamma
Scientific taken?

Does anyone have a subscription and can anyone provide a street address
for Bruce R. Robinson in New Mexico under:

Nicholas C. Kaufman would also be nice too!
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