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1 23rd January 20:59
External User
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Default MODTRAN source? Any version?

What happened to the all the ftp sites that offered MODTRAN source
code for download? The airforce and ncdc sites either give 404 or are
off the web entirely.

Where can I find any version of the MODTRAN source for download?

Google searches are proving frustrating. I never had to pay for this
code before. [semilong rant typed and then deleted]

Thanks in advance.

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2 23rd January 20:59
External User
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Default MODTRAN source? Any version?

On 16 Oct 2003 10:10:15 -0700,
Bughunter <>, in

+> Where can I find any version of the MODTRAN source for download?

This doesn't look good:

The user fees were passed along from ONTAR as a result of
their collecting fees for AFRL in the distribution of a
government software product known as the Moderate Resolution
Transmittance Code, known as MODTRAN 4.

This makes it worse:

They want a non-disclosure agreement? Ok, digging a bit more, it gets

As a new AF product, MODTRAN4 is being released with a User
and Support Fee assessment of $300/copy, with ~$50 of that fee
going to ONTAR Corporation for handling and shipping the CD.
This fee has been kept as low as possible, while still
facilitating the distribution and user support that the
MODTRAN recipients have come to expect. The intention of the
Fee is to cover delivery of the code and do***entation, plus
`User Support' which typically encompasses:

Software reproduction costs

Maintenance of delivery system, including web page and access

Configuration Control of versions, including distribution of errata

General Technical Support of MODTRAN4, providing User Services
related to current capabilities, methodologies, and
implementation, and to augment the User Instructions

Code Validation/Verification

Interestingly enough, MODTRAN4 is covered by a patent:

Note that MODTRAN4 is not just a new version of MODTRAN,
but rather a sufficiently new algorithm that has been
awarded a separate U.S. Patent, # 5,884,226; 16 March 1999

I assume that Spectral Sciences, Inc, is the holder.
+> I never had to pay for this code before.

You may have to. It appears that the earlier versions where also
covered by a NDA, so it is likely that someone giving you the code is
a violation of the NDA, even if you have also signed the NDA for that

Sorry about all that bad news. But I could handle the code
reproduction and shipping and handling for a lot less that $50/CD...I
tell ya, I'm in the wrong business.

Consulting Minister for Consultants, DNRC
I can please only one person per day. Today is not your day. Tomorrow
isn't looking good, either.
I am BOFH. Resistance is futile. Your network will be assimilated.
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3 23rd January 20:59
andrew t. young
External User
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Default MODTRAN source? Any version?

It must be 5 or 6 years since MODTRAN was distributed freely. What
happened was that the idiots at AFGL let their lawyers get involved;
they *patented* the algorithm used for the transmission calculation,
and the lawyers insisted they then had to *charge* for it to preserve
their patent rights.

Andrew T. Young
Astronomy Dept.
San Diego State Univ.
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