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1 2nd August 10:47
jack sarfatti
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Default Leonard Susskind's book

"Black Holes, Information and the String Theory Revolution: The
Holographic Universe"

Comment 1

Lenny: "The paradox was discovered by Jacob Bekenstein and turned into a
serious crisis by Stephen Hawking. ... Bekenstein realized that if the
second law of thermodynamics was not to be violated in the presence of a
black hole, the black hole must possess an intrinsic entropy. ... How
and why a classical solution of field equations should be endowed with
thermodynamical attributes has remained obscure."

Jack: The black hole is a property of Einstein's vacuum equation

Ruv = 0

However, this equation is a c-number emergent field theory from vacuum
ODLRO. George Chapline, Jr and I have both arrived at this general idea
quite independently. Let the vacuum ODLRO order parameter be

psi = |psi|e^iargpsi

suppress internal symmetry indices, but think of SU(2)hypercharge that
has a neutral VEV in the standard model (evidence from NASA Pioneer
anomaly a_g = -cH(t) as a hedgehog topological defect centered at Sun).

Let the Einstein-Cartan 1-form be

e = 1 + B

My ansatz is

B = (hG/c^3)^1/2d(argtheta)

with "string" branch cuts in argtheta

Therefore, there is no gravity and inertia when h -> 0 and c -> infinity
even when G =/= 0. There is still some residual "normal fluid"
fluctuations around the stiff vacuum order parameter psi that obeys the
rules of micro-quantum theory as given by Lenny. The ratio of normal to
superfluid obviously has a temperature parameter T. Therefore, Lenny's
question is answered.

to be continued
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