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1 3rd September 07:45
{#] mining pioneer
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Default underground water.

Wrong my dear Rick+ ... but I give you a pass for the brave try.

You have three main directions of flow :
1) The Down flow described roughly in all Gogology books through the
"Apparent Cycle of Water". This is a correct appraisal and not dating from
yesterday since going back to the Roman Vitellius i.e. a good 2000 years
2) The Up flow or native water which rise through high pressure chimneys
until finding an impermeable dome, sometimes of existing mountainous
formation, and then streaming down on side of such ranges ... and giving
birth then to Torrents, Rivers etc and of course to Artesian wells The
characteristics of such water when taped are very High Resistivity, low rH2
and low pH values below 5.5 indeed.+ constant temperature values at all time
3) The cracking of heavier elements right from the Planet nucleus and giving
by Alchemical recombination lighter elements ( SIMA, SIAL etc are example of
that mutation from the original Gold nucleux ) and amongst those the water
as you know it ( and of course Oil and Coal amongst other things )

In conclusion, water is a particularity of a planet in his trip from Birth
to Obivion ... and return through the two Mother Star axis/poles back to the
creation process generated there.
In the biological range where we are and from where is exit is close indeed
( Mars ) we are drifting and I tell you what, my friend, the point of
no-return will be signified to your when the water of the Seas will be
invading below the continents. It will demosntrate to you that the native
water pressure is not enough anymore to maintain the sea water at bay

By the way and according to the True Geology findings there should be two
more Planets beyond Pluto ( Horus and Osiris planets as I named them ) in
the final stages of dissolution and return in a 3Dimension wondrous scheme
and in very weak Cosmic Density Atmosphere value.
The problem with the fraudulent Gogology sci000nce of now are multiple ....

( Sorry but I am called upon to walk the dogs ... but I will come back later
! )

With kindest regards

That information is gratiously conveyed to you from the True Geology
Faculty, in La Rochelle France

Jean-Paul Turcaud
Hydro & Mining Prospector
Pioneer of Australian Mining
Discoverer of Telfer; Kintyre & Nifty Mines in The Great Sandy Desert.
Discoverer of the South Atlantic Submarine Gold Placers
_ 40 Millions Tons estimate _
Founder of The TRUE GEOLOGY

* The Greatest Australian Mining Covered Up Swindle Of The 20th Century
* The True Geology ( previously Refutation of the Horrid Geological Myths )***/ ( Not available due to plagiarism hazards )

Breaking News
"Gold and Intrigue in the Desert"
"The true story of the discovery of the Telfer gold mine"
Author : Bob Sheppard, President of the Australian Prospectors' Union
Author's contact & web page :
Order from : Hesperian Press, PO Box 317 Victoria Park, 6979 W.Australia.
AUS 40.00 + post

Official launching done in Perth this 15th December 2002

~~Ignorance Is The Cosmic Sin, The One Never F****ven !

~~Ignorance Is The Cosmic Sin, The One Never F****ven ! ~~

"Rick" <> a écrit dans le message de
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2 5th September 07:53
External User
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Default underground water.

<snipped the insane rant>

JP, you should have walked the dogs before you tried to conquer something
that is beyond your comprehension.

Fact: There are only two types of groundwater flow, no matter what the
medium or direction of flow - conduit flow, and diffuse flow. Conduit flow
is what is typically seen in a karst environment, although karst settings
where both conduit and diffuse flow occur together have been do***ented.
Conduit flow typically does not obey darcy's law. Diffuse flow is typically
seen in clays, silts, sands and gravels. Joints and fractures in bedrock
typically also have diffuse flow. Hydrothermal fluids do not always flow
out of chimneys. In some places, they seep out of the ocean floor vents. The
fluids from these diffuse flows are usually much cooler than the vent
fluids. They also flow far slower. The diffuse flow fluids mix with seawater
below the sea floor, so all of the minerals have been left behind. Some
diffuse flows, however, do contain sulfides. Microorganisms feast on these
sulfides. These microorganisms become food for the many exotic creatures
that live around the vents. Diffuse flow typically does obey darcy's law.
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3 6th September 15:02
{#] mining pioneer
External User
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Default underground water.

Dear Georges,

You are eluding there the understanding as to the origin of water ( Oil &
Coal as well )
In fact you are not providing anything else that what was determined by the
Roman scientist Vitellius 2 000 years ago.
In clear, you and your mates are really sticking to something which strickly
sensus is quite correct, but which due to evidence provided by the True
Geology needs to be upgraded.

Remember, you are the one who coined that acronym relative to the corner
stone of the True Geology : the UPL concept.

Now, how is it, that at time you have genial insight and at others you
stick up to rancid ( although exact ) Theories !
Are you afraid of what such concepts such as the UPL hold in stock for the
understanding of Humanity, concerning our True Environment at large and the
True Geology in particular ?
Are you afraid that such understanding precipitate your beloved Gogology to
the Oubliettes of History, where past churches-supported Theories achieve
to decompose in complet oblivion ?
I think so !

In the meantime if a better understanding of what is origin of water and its
True Cycle were understood, a better husbandry could be provided over its
use and depleted indeed availability for some.
Correct ?

.... and anything ( or any paper ) not taking that everlasting UPL concept
in consideration is only good for the bin !
It goes without saying that in that view, all measures from the Astronomy
and Physics even inside our Local Star system are delirious, and the
compensations attempted by the GR & SR theories are only good to be kept for
the sake of :
The History of Mankind on Mental Deviations under the under-heading of
"Schizophrenic alleged-scientists ' Theories "
Okay ?

With kind regards


~~Ignorance Is The Cosmic Sin, The One Never F****ven ! ~~
"George" <> a écrit dans le message de news:zgITa.7818$ .
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4 6th September 15:02
External User
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Default underground water.

Dear JP:

You are truely insane and should immediately seek professional help. What
in blazes does any of that garbage that you posted have to do with the topic
of this post? Nada, nothing, zero, zip! I think your ******* are all in a
bunch, as they seem to be cutting off the circulation to your brain.
Perhaps you should also check your diaper to see if it needs changing. Have
they taken away your rock hammer, and placed you in a new padded room yet?
Let's all hope so.

By the way, I found a picture of you on the internet. You definitely need a
new hat. That one is straight out of a 1940s Sears and Robuck Catalogue,
and looks like its covered in *** stains. What have you been doing with it?
Oh, nevermind. I don't want to know. Bye bye now. Let the REAL geologists
talk for a while.

<snipped another dribbling post by the drooling mining looney toon - kook of
the month, August 2000>

Proof that the UPL has turned JP's brain to mush:
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