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1 7th August 05:41
External User
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Default Skipper 14

Anyone know anything about these dinghie They look like a family type
fun boat . Can they have an outboard attached and whats maximum size
What about rigging how does it go>/ As you may ahve guessed I have
just acquired one with bits mising I think
Many thanks
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2 12th August 03:47
eric clarke
External User
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Default Skipper 14

Are you sure there's bits missing? These boats are incredibly simple, sail
over mast etc. Do not entertain thoughts of power. A paddle or two and
although they've been spotted off the coast............
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3 12th August 03:48
andy champ
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Default Skipper 14

Sailed one some years ago. From what I remember they combined the
stability of a high performance boat with the performance of a mirror.

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4 12th August 03:49
External User
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Default Skipper 14

: Sailed one some years ago. From what I remember they combined the
: stability of a high performance boat with the performance of a mirror.
: Andy
Ha Ha I always beat them in my Mirror! chrisr
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5 15th August 03:07
simon brooke
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Default Skipper 14

Andy Champ <> writes:

With, as I remember, highly polished interior finish so that you
slipped all over the place. Horrible boats. Avoid.

-- (Simon Brooke)

Anagram: I'm soon broke.
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6 15th August 03:07
External User
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Default Skipper 14

Yes, you've got it - this is a family type fun boat.

Outboard: the transom will take an outboard - probably 4-6 Hp would be
about right. Anything more powerful and you should probably chose a
different type of boat altogether. However, you may want to strengthen
the transom with a wooden plate to ensure that the outboard mounting
doesn't cause the transom to crack.

Rigging: I can't remember this very well, but this site may be useful.
No guarantees as to accuracy! The boat is gunter-rigged, in other
words similar to a Mirror. I seem to remember that later boats may
have been sold with a single piece (ie Bermudan) mast rig.

Sailing: definitely for family pottering only. Not fast.

General: quite a heavy boat - it can also be rowed if you have the
"picnic table" insert that slots into the daggerboard casing - but
this becomes challenging in a breeze as the hull is pretty high and
acts a bit like a sail itself!

I would recommend it as a boat for a younger family that has never
sailed. Excellent for pottering around estuaries. If you specifically
want to sail, there are better boats, but the options of outboard/oars
etc make this fun. "Probably uncapsizeable."


no spam please
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7 15th August 03:08
External User
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Default Skipper 14

The Skipper 14 was sold with three different rigs, ranging from the
basic one with a small gunter rig with nasty nylon stretchy sails, to
two different bermudan rigs. The biggest rig was not bad, with proper
terylene sails. I had one once, bought new when they were first
built, which I then modified straight away, by fitting toestraps, a
self-bailer, nonslip, and cutting holes for waterproof access hatches
in the inner moulding and adding some extra GRP reinforcement to the
hull moulding in places.

The hull is, if you look at it, quite a fast shape, and as built, very
very light. With the bigger bermudan rig, they are generally faster
offwind than an Enterprise or GP, but not as fast as an Albacore. To
windward fractionally slower than a GP or Ent, but not by that much.
With the basic gunter rig performance was pretty poor, except offwind
in a blow, when the planing ability of the hull kicked in, though
there was a problem with twist in the mainsail, which causing
instability on runs and very broad reaches. The hull designer was
Peter Milne (Fireball etc).

The deck sometimes was fitted with nasty bowrails, but these were
optional. They had a stern locker that would take a small outboard: I
used a small 3hp Seagull on mine very occasionally. I found it near
ideal as a boat light enough (they were light) to handle ashore easily
singlehanded, including up and down a very steep slipway. It was also
light enough to tow behind a Ford Anglia 998cc without ruining the

If you think they are horrible boats look again at the underwater
shape - and you'll find it's not that much different to a Laser. Add
in substantially more sail area (with the bigger rig) on aboiut the
same weight and slightly longer length and offwind it really goes.

I must confess I'm always surprised that so many of them are still
around - the original construction quality was pretty poor - chopped
strand mat only and a very light layup. I kept mine for the year I
wanted to, and sailed a lot of miles in it, before moving on to buying
a cruiser. Thirty odd years on, I'd now quite like something similar
as an afternoon daysailer, with enough go to plane nicely, which mine
definitely did.

John Wilson
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