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1 3rd November 19:28
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Default Heatly is going to prison !

no doubt about it now.
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2 3rd November 19:28
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Default Heatly is going to prison !

In article <awggb.124402$3r1.52787>, derek3*** says...

No he won't. Heatly is a pampered athlete and everyone (the "justice"
system, the team, the fans) will do everything possible to shelter him
from his "mistake". He'll be allowed to plea bargain down to a
misdemeanor and not serve any jail time. His punishment will be
"community service" which will probably consist of making some 30 second
commercials about the evils of fast driving using words someone else has
scripted for him. Thrasher fans will again cheer for him on the ice as
if he had never killed anyone because they want to see the team win.
And in a couple years he'll have another shiny new expensive sports car
and will be back on the streets driving fast putting more people in
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3 3rd November 19:28
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Default Heatly is going to prison !

That's right..he won't serve time...A slick team of defence attorneys will
put forth several plausible scenarios:

1. Accelerator stuck....sue Ferrari
2. Snyder was driving
3. Shoe got caught between accelerator and side panel...sue the shoe
4. Post concussion syndrome...Heatley suffered an "unreported" and untaped
injury earlier that day that caused him to be a little dizzy and to
vomit..He passed out while driving.

As long as the blood work comes back clean Heatley walks.
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