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1 24th April 23:43
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Default Hall of Fame

I respect many of the players of baseball. But the Hall of Fame is a
prestigious class. Players such as Mark McGwire, Rafael Palmeiro, Barry
Bonds etc... shouldn't be in the Hall of Fame. No matter if they took
it willing or not. No matter how long they used it. No matter what
reasons they used it. As the saying goes "You do the crime, you do the
time". No matter what records they set, putting steroid users in the
Hall of Fame is a slap in the face to past inductees. What's going to
happen when Bonds passes Babe Ruth's Home Run record? What's going to
happen if Bonds passes Hank Aaron's HR record? Our next career HR
leader will be a steroid user, hell no! It sets a bad example for kids
and for incoming players as players they idolized and watched over the
years have used steroids at one point. NOt a good image here. Any Hall
of Famer who has used steroids at any point of his career should be
kicked off and banned from the Hall of Fame. Same about any potential
Hall of Famer. Come on, Pete Rose can't be in in Hall of Fame because
he bet on games yet steroid users are ok to be inducted. Give me a
break.The bottom line is that the Hall of Fame should be a clean class
of individuals whose boost was not a drug but hard work and
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